Friday, October 25, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 5 OF 6

BLACK CODE / LUST FOR DEATH - SPLIT 7" (Dingleberry/ Wolfbiker)
There are currently some really good but overseen hardcore bands coming from France. Two of them share this small piece of vinyl. The two songs on Black Code's side of the split follow their highly recommended "Hanged, Drawn And Quatered" full lenght. Black Code's music is grounded in a mix of filthy crust and metal, but here they've defintely pushed their Entombed and At The Gates influences into the forefront. Lust For Death fuse the darkness and speed of His Hero Is Gone with the ferocity and brutality of death metal. Things are based on sick metal riffage, pounding drums, super raspy vocals and an overall tight musical performance. Both tunes have groove and power. If your Jesus Crust is into metal, this one's for you. (Listen to it here)

CREEM - CURATOR 7" (Static Shock)
Hailing from Brooklyn, New York Creem are one of the best current 80s inspired hardcore acts and this brandnew 7" is yet another great example. The fast hammering titletrack "Curator" sounds like something between early 80s New York and Boston hardcore. It takes influences from SS Decontrol, The Abused, Antidote, Negative FX and it's really not a bit worse than the originals. The other three tracks are a bit slower and more varied. The snotty guitars and catchy choruses show obvious hints of raw early 80s UK punkrock. "The Hunchback" even offers hot AC/DC influenced hard-rock riffage. The powerful, throaty vocals truly mark out Creem from the rest. This 7" offers some of their best recordings so far! Excellent! (Listen to it here)

GAG - GAS MASK '95 7" (Perennial)
Don't expect any Dinosaur Jr. indie rock here, because this is not a typical Perennial release. Gag play chaotic, unconventional hardcorepunk based on heavy distortions, feedbacks and reverbs all over the place. The two songs sound like a pitiless mess of wild blown out hardcore noise. It's only possible to make vague guesses what you're next going to receive. The focus is on the mutant echo vocals, that sound like they were recorded in a cold cave. Think of something between The Germs, G.I.S.M., Anti-Cimex and The Brainbombs. There's only one thing, that sucks: this is a flexi 7". This might be a obscure format and yes it has been popular among some late 80s Japanes hardcore bands, but a regular vinyl record delivers a better quality and it isn't such a baggy thing. However, one thing is for certain: the music is excellent. (Listen to it here)

PRAY FOR TEETH- I'M STILL FINDING FEATHERS IN MY HAIR 7" (Root Of Evil Collective/ It's A Trap/ Moshtache)
Pray For Teeth' debut single 7" sounds heavy, even if it works without speed, blasts and brutality. Instead, this trio from Pittsburgh, PA delivers two slow, punishing and epic tunes. Effect-loaded guitars, some brilliant melodic hooks, heavy grooving drums, gruff vocals and an overall dark atmosphere is what you can expect from this fine small piece of vinyl. Pray For Teeth' fuse sludge with modern hardcore, post-rock and doom to create their own unmistakable brand of depressive hardcore. Think of something between of Isis, Cult Of Luna, Modern Life Is War and Achilles and you'll know, that this single is absolutely worth to check out. (Listen to it here)

SVFFER - S/T 7" (Vendetta/ Narshardaa)
Many recordings of hardcore bands sound brutal, but only a few are able to carry this power and intensity over to a live show. Svffer from M√ľnster, Germany are definitely one of these exception. I've seen them perform live in my hometown a few weeks ago and it has been one of my most impressive hardcore shows since a long time. The band consists of people who have been involved in Unrest, Alpinist, Chuck Damage and Nervous Breakdown (just to name a few). Everyone is really comfortable with their instruments. Svffers's brand of hardcore is first of all based on a guitar-driven heavy wall of sound. The four tracks on their selftitled vinyl debut combine the complexity of Coalesce, Perth Express and Glasses with the speed and heaviness of blasting 90s west-coast powerviolence. Another main secret of Svffer's music are their pissed off vocals, that are screaming and barking all the way. Get this 7"!  (Listen to it here)