Tuesday, October 8, 2013


SICKOIDS - NO HOME 12" (Hardware/ Grave Mistake/ Sorry State)
There are currently many bands playing 80s inspired hardcore, but to be honest I've quit buying all their releases. The reason is: most of them are good, but not as good as the originals. Sickoids are an exception. They are a Philladelphia based trio with former members of Government Warning and Witch Hunt. This 12" follows up their debut album with six new tracks. Sickoids play blistering, straight on hardcore based on pounding drums, sharp guitar riffs, a thundering bass, angry vocals and everything else you need to write top notch hardcore tunes. "No Home" sounds straighter and more agressive than their previous LP with a clear focus on sheer raging energy. Sickoids merge the directness of "Pick Your King" era Poison Idea with the darkness of early Touch&Go groups like Die Kreuzen and The Necros. The guitar work is very varied and complex within the possibilities of 80s hardcore. It also shows some simularities to Discharge. This is some of today's best hardcore! Grave Mistake and Sorry State bring the US release, Hardware is responsible for the European version. (Listen to it here)