Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ex-Reatard Ryan Rousseau started Destruction Unit in 2000. What began as a synth-punk project in Memphis including Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout of the Lost Sounds, has turned over the the past years into a psychedelic punk direction. "Deep Trip" is already the sixth full lenght release by this Arizona based collective. With these recordings Destruction Unit push their music to another level, merging elements of punkrock, garage and hardcore with space-rock in the vein of Hawkwind and Chrome. Things are based on a really smart songwriting. Throughout, crushing riffs and blasting drums are paired with wah pedal effects, modulated distortion and psychedelic freakouts. The songs are spacy and repetitive, but at the same Destruction Unit keep things catchy, simple and straightforward. You can hear, that this band has has put a lot of thought into experiencing their right sound. The power and brutality of this guitar-driven wall of sound creates the impression, that it seems fairly irrelevant, what this bands actually plays, because everything will sound really really cool. (Listen to it here)

Sunday, November 24, 2013


BL'AST! - BLOOD! LP (Southern Lord)
It is simply incomprehensible why SST hasn't kept the two Bl'ast! albums available. Especially "It's In My Blood!" is a true masterpiece of late 80s hardcore. Perhaps Greg Ginn is envious of Bl'ast!, because they've perfected the sound of Rollins era Black Flag? However, now thanks to Southern Lord here's finally something like a reissue of "It's In My Blood!". Although the songs on "Blood!" were recorded in a different recording session with guitarist William Duvall from Neon Christ, the album includes the same ten tracks from "It's In My Blood!" plus "Your Eyes", that is well known from their "School's Out" 7". The songs are taken from 25 year old master tapes, that Bl'ast! guitarist Mike Neider has recently discovered. No other than Dave Grohl has been responsible for the mixing. The result sounds as oustanding as their "It's In My Blood" album. Bl'ast! deliver their typical midtempo hardcore played with sheer power and intensity. They take influences from side one of "My War" and push them forward with a heavy dose of classic rock and with their typical, pulverising, guitar-work. The LP comes with a gatefold sleeve and the artwork looks fantastic. Don't miss this classic! (Listen to it here)

Saturday, November 23, 2013


KANDODO - K20 LP+7" (Thrill Jockey)
Kandodo is the solo project of Simon Price, who's the singer and chief songwriter of the long running UK based stoner rock group The Heads. "K20" follows his brilliant last year's selftitled debut full lenght. Price uses organic instruments as well as electronica to take listeners on a journey to deep psychedelic and progressive soundscapes. He experiments with ambience, melody, spoken word samples and warm droning keyboard sounds. The result sounds like a refreshing and well-crafted version of 70s krautrock, that is underpinned by kosmische, expansive and earthy sounds. Some tracks are clearly longer than on Kandodo's prior release. The best example is the epic "Swim Into The Sun" with it's motorik beats flowing beneath the hypnotic eddies of electric shapes and guitar overtones. As a whole "K20" provides a very wide sound palette with an unbelievable dense atmosphere. Lay down and hypnotize slowly! (Listen to it here)

Friday, November 22, 2013


BAD SPORTS - BRAS LP (Alien Snatch!/ Dirtnap)
"Bras" is already the third full lenght by this Texas based trio featuring members of Wax Museums and OBN IIIs. Bad Sports play a kind of music, that sounds like they have remained lost in some long past time. Like the sound of 70s Bomp releases, they remain true to the highest standards of old fashioned rock'n'roll by recalling the spirit of the music from the '50s and '60s. The recordings captures a fresh, energetic approach to powerpop, hardrock and protopunk. Bad Sports fuse the intensity and power of early eastcoast punk groups with a sleazy groove, killer hooks and the ferocity of hardrock. This band definitely knows the gain to be had from a good, powerful guitar riff. For those who are addicted to the music of DMZ, The Dictators, The Stooges, MC5, The Flamin' Groovies, Television, Real Kids and The Dead Boys this album will be your perfect substitute drug! Alien Snatch! brings the European version, Dirtnap is responsible for the US version. (Listen to it here)

Thursday, November 21, 2013


The Dentist's debut album is not only a record with one of the longest titles ever, it's also one of the best 60s revival records of the 1980s and something everyone should own. This band emerged from the famous scene in the Medway Towns in Kent, England, even if they set themself apart from the Billy Childish raw blasting garage sound. The Dentists have a clear focus on sugar-sweet melodies and pop influences. This record offers refreshingly streamlined jangly garage with a slight-but-palpable 80s indie and postpunk influence. All songs are clear of fuzz and psych freakouts. This four-piece just delivers smart and beautiful harmonies backed by simple but highly effective musical arrangements. The Dentists succeed to sound as authentic and as outta this world as their influences. There are tunes here just as legedary as anything heard by The Byrds, The Beatles and The Kinks. This reissue of “Some People Are On The Pitch...” has been remastered from the original tapes and it's pressed on 150gm black vinyl. Don't miss this classic! (Listen to it here)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


During the past ten years the sound of Portland's punk scene has developed from crust to  punkrock and goth music with darkness as the only constant. This first LP by Belliclose Minds is an impressive example of this current wave of goth influenced groups. This trio takes influences from the dark sides of early and mid 80s British wave and postpunk acts, but they've got the finesse to keep it their own unique style. Fronted by some really mournful and haunting vocals, Bellicose Minds write driving songs, that find a perfect balance between power, melancholy and desperation. A hard-driving drum sound, a chiming guitar, moody hooks and dominant bass lines push ahead the eleven well-crafted tunes. "The Spine" recalls the classic sound of Killing Joke, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy, The Mob and Bauhaus, but without coming off as a rip-off of any of the mentioned bands. (Listen to it here)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


BAD VISION - S/T LP (Every Night Is A Saturday Night/ Adagio 830)
After their brilliant "112/Visions" 7" here's the first full lenght by Bad Vision. Some bands do not succeed to maintain the high quality of their songs over the full playtime of a LP, but this Melbourne based four-piece certainly proves the contrary. The recording is very tight and direct with enough punch and crunch. Bad Vision blast through fourteen bangers in a melodic, fuzzy and powerful punk way. Things are based on snarling guitars, consistently pounding drums and plenty of brilliant vocal harmonies. The recording somehow captures the pop sensibility of The Buzzcocks, the finesse of Wire, the noisy rawness of early TY Segall recordings, some dark Wipers undertones and the raw power of late 70s Aussie punkrock. While that, in itself, may not be something new or all that exciting in 2013, Bad Vision know how to fuse these elements to a an overall fantastic result. If you're a fan of orginal garage, punk and rock'n'roll this record  will satisfy all of your desires. (Listen to it here)

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia Bone transcend musical boundaries from a bass and drums driven sound, to destructive noise and hints of atmospheric soundscapes. The band's unique mixture of a slowmotion-rhythms, crabby guitar riffs and absent vocals drifting in and out create a surreal depth to their broken sound. Bone's music pulls from 90s Touch&Go noiserock and distills it through effect-loaded post-rock offerings. The band's vinyl debut "For Want Of Feeling" with it's repetitive and nihilistic structures is a challenging and exhausting experience for listeners. It's a hard task to listen to the whole LP at once, because Bone create music with the help of hardly understandable songstructures, a difficult to bear slowness and a depressive, cold feel. At the same time exactly this is one of the record's main secrets. (Listen to it here

After their "Aloha" LP Melbourne's Cuntz are back with their second full length in the year 2013 and it's yet another killer record. The band's unique blend of merciless noise-punk creates a stunning dirtiness to their dynamic sound. Cuntz continue to write their songs with the help of thumping basslines, pounding rhythm, angular riffs, snarling vocals and fantastic lyrics full of bitterness and cynicism. With "Solid Mates" Cuntz have perfected their balance of dissonance and direct blasting energy. The album is heavily infused by Flipper's weirdness and by the ferocity of their Australian punk forefathers Venom P. Stinger. But for a band that relies heavily on a blaring ugly sound, this quartet also manages to give their songs a sophisticaton, that has more connections with early Rough Trade releases. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

Lace Curtain is a new Australian electro project including members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control and Rat Columns. With Lace Curtain they seem to take Total Control's influences of electronic music and push them way into the forefront. The result sounds like a 21st century version of krautrock, synth-pop and 80s dance music. "Falling/Running" features four long tracks, all with a playtime over five minutes. The recordings are characterised by their mix of cold and warm synth sounds, pumping beats, outstanding bass lines and excellent, sporadic vocal parts. On a first listen it seems easy to compare Lace Curtain with bands like Cluster, Kraftwerk and New Order, but give it a few more spins and you'll realize, that this is their own signature-sound with a lot more depth, variations and dancable rhythms. An excellent debut, that will make you begging for more. (Listen to it here)

NATIVE CATS - DALLAS LP (R.I.P. Society/ Ride The Snake) 
With their second full lenght Tasmania's Native Cats have perfected their brand of postpunk. This duo definitely knows how to make a lot out of a little. Equipped with a bass, vocals and cheap electronics they write songs with class and originality. Native Cats' music and their dark vocals are first of all rooted in the sound of classic UK postpunk, but at the time "Dallas" represents a break to their previous New Order worship. The album unites a larger spectrum of different influences and it sounds more minimal, atmospheric and noisier than ever before. The bass-driven songwriting recalls Shellac's noise-rock, while the primtive electronic sounds bring to mind 80s pop music. The stripped down arrangements only seem to allow a little room for change, but by taking an experimental, open-minded approach Native Cats give their tunes a deep sound. There's no doubt, that this is one of this year's best postpunk records. (Listen to it here)

The French Bruit Direct label delivers the second full lenght by this Brisbane based sextet. Sky Needle sound experimental in most possible ways. They write repititive songs on the basis of minimal percussions, electronics and homemade instruments. With every new repetition they hammer their weird groove deeper into your frontal lobe. The use of plank, leghorn, speaker box  bass and foot-pumped air-hornes opens up a highly unconventional sound spectrum. The musical result is as diverse and destructive as one may expect from such a lineup, with the different sounds coalescing into twelve painful, challenging, gloomy and noisy tunes. Ethereal passages and disharmony lead into mesmerizing and pulverising sonic obliteration. Sarah Byrne's varied vocals add a distinct range of phonic mantras and powerful-voiced harmonies. As a whole "Debased Shapes" is a truely unique piece of experimental music.(Listen to it here)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


DIVORCE - S/T 2xCD (Night School) 
The great Night School label brings us something like a discography double CD by Glasgow's Divorce. The first CD includes their last years debut full lenght. The second CD contains songs taken from several 7" releases. Divorce play a really disturbing and painful brand of noise-rock. The music sounds broken and challenging in most possible ways. Dirvorce are one of the few bands, that stand out from the norm and that refresh your view what music can sound like. It's impressive how the songs balance chaos and power. On the one hand Divorce sound like a mess of no wave noise, but on the other they've got punch without losing their directness. There are no harmonies and no catchiness, but you'll be satisfied, if you're looking for a extreme auditory experience made with frantic guitar riffage, smashing drum beats, high screaming vocals and pure insanity. Fans of The Locust, Melt Banana, Aids Wolf und Arab On Radar won't be dissapointed here. (Listen to it here)


The Tampa, Florida trio Merchandise is one of those bands, that refresh their sound over and over again. They've emerged from the ashes of mysterious guy hardcore band Cult Ritual and with every record they've released since then they've marked a new step in their musical development. What began as a modern version of Joy Division with Jesus And The Mary Chain chainsaw guitars, has matured on their previous album "Children Of Disire" to become a complex fusion of postpunk, shoegaze, industrial and pop. With "Total Nite" Merchandise somewhat leave their 80s British postpunk roots. The five songs sound more complex, varied and experimental than ever before. The focus is clearly on indie-pop influences from the 1980s, but without putting in question the band's unconventional and radical approach. Carson Cox' vocals with their strong simularities to Morrissey are again one highly distinctive and oustanding secret of this record. Merchandise are one of the most exciting bands in recent years and "Total Night" is yet another great example. (Listen to it here)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


After the punk boom in 1977 brilliant punk bands could be found almost anywhere in the world. The scene at the US westcoast however represented an independent, unmistakable and fresh interpretation of punk. Dangerhouse was the label, that had the most lasting impact on capturing this diversity and creativity. This collection features all fourteen 7"s, that have ever been released by Dangerhouse in the period from 1977 to 1979. As a bonus you get two booklets. The first one is a 36-page document, that offers an interview with label founder David Brown, several pictures and informations about all included bands. The second 14-page booklet covers all record covers of the original 7"s. Every single band and release is of course nothing but a classic. In 1977 the one and only 7" by The Randoms was also the first relase on the Dangerhouse label. Espescially the b-side track “Let’s Get Rid Of New York” is a fast-paced, catchy punk tune at it's best. All three Black Randy & Metrosquad singles offer weirdo-punk with offensive and highly grotesque lyrics. Compared with other Dangerhouse releases the Black Randy 7"s receive today much less attention, even if they all fuckin rule. The Avengers are well known and their first 7" is of course a true classic. The Dils were the most politcal band among the early westcoast punk scene. “Class War” and “Mr Big” deliver classic punkrock filled with radical, communist messages. The Weirdos were probably the band, that most likely recalled the sound of early UK bands. Their first 7" succeeds through a distorted, guitar-driven wall of sound. Allley Cats fused punk with good old rock’n’roll. "Nothing Means Nothing Anymore" and  "Gimme A Little Pain" are great example. The sound of X was characterised by the mixed gender vocals of John Dow and Exene Cervenka. Their first 7" is as great as everything this band has put out throughout their long existence. Howard Wreth is a English guy, who lived in L.A. during the lates 70s. The songs on his 7" combine influences of power-pop and protopunk. The Deadbeats are one of the few bands with saxophone parts, that don't suck.  It's impressive how their four track debut 7" balances straight punkrock with their own, frantic kind of weirdness. Many early punk groups from the westcoast had female members. Bags' first 7" is a further great examples. As shown on their "TAQN" 7" Eyes developed their own unqiue brand of organ-driven pop-punk. The speed and power of Rhino 39's first 7” are almost reminiscent of the sound of early hardcore bands. Apart from the CD-version this “Singles Collection” is also available as vinyl box, that includes official reissues of all fourteen 7”s. (Listen to it here)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE - CONSEQUENCES LP (Dingleberry/ Black Lake/ Throatruiner) 
Hailing from the Basque Country "Consquences" is already the third full lenght by this brilliant, but hardly overseen modern hardcore band. The Rodeo Idiot Engine blast through menacing mathy and chaotic hardcore with touches of grindcore, post-metal and post-rock complete with blazing fast drumming, relentless guitar work and heavy screaming vocals. The songs vary between complex metal riffage and atmospherically dense soundscapes, that all of a sudden turn into frantic blast-beat driven hardcore. All members are really comfortable with their instruments and it's hardly to be seized, with which precision and tightness they nail down their extremly varied tunes. "Consequences" shows some simularities to Converge. At the same time the records sounds unique and fresh enough to be more than a cheap copy. Very nice! (Listen to it here)

Saturday, November 9, 2013


After three higly recommended 7"s, here's finally the first Album by Beast from Stockholm, Sweden. This band recalls the sound of 90's Scandinavian punk'n'roll groups. The songs have the kind of ferocity, that's reminiscent of early The Hellacopters recordings, even if they use different influences: Instead of reviving Detroit high energy rock'n'roll, Beast fuse 70s hard rock and with the power, simpliness and aggression of punk. The tough as nails guitar-riffs sound like they were stolen from the best songs by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kiss and AC/DC. "Dead Or Alive" is wrought with catchy rock anthems, intense textures, superb guitar-solos and addictive grooves. The powerful vocals are really outstanding and highly charismatic. As a whole this LP offers Beast's strongest material yet. If you equally like punk and 70s rock, you won't be disappinted here. (Listen to it here)
DALAPLAN - S/T LP (Gaphals)
Here's finally the first full album by this Malmö based four-piece. The fourteen tracks include all eight songs from their previous four 7"s plus six new originals. Dalaplan's music uses only the best ingredients of '60s garage and primal rock'n'roll. The record faithfully pays homage to the rawness of your favourite Back From The Grace cuts, to the wildness of  Radio Birdman and to the melodies of The Vaselines. The hard sound of the Swedish lyrics gives the lead-vocals a totally distinctive note. The harmonizing background vocals and the sweet organ melodies create a sunny feel. But within all the melodies and catchniness Dalaplan leave no doubt, that they first of all write straight on punk tunes. There's not single filler track included here and the record as a whole offers some of today's best garage music! (Listen to it here)

The bandname seems to parody the hardcore genre. Or is the band-picture with a doberman in the front really meant to be serious? However, Doberman Cult from Stockholm, Sweden nail down thirteen fast and heavy hardcore tracks fronted by some excellent throaty vocals. The foundation is 80s inspired New York hardcore in the vein of early Agnostic Front, Life's Blood, Sick Of It All and Antidote, but at the same time the lyrics represent a clear-cut political opinion. The text line "No tolerance for intolerance" is the best example. Doberman Cult's music is tough and primtitive, but their attitude is anti-sexist, anti-racist and pro-queer. They find a good balance between bleak, stomping midtempo hardcore and high-speed blasts. The whole record is delivered with rawness, aggression and intensity. Don't miss out if you're into hardcore! (Listen to it here)
From the first note of this single a fusion of several different influences and genres bleed through and create something like a 21st century product of Gang Of Four, Bahaus, Sonic's Rendezvous Band and a bit of a psych flavor. On their debut release Stockholm natives Jehovah Eyes have captured a unique brand of postpunk with a wide range of spheres and incursions. A brilliant mix of crunchy guitar-riffs and top notch leads lend weight to the album's mood while also making it melodic and powerful. The clean Bloc Party like vocals are laid over driving bass lines and a overall thick rythm section that slowly grow into mesmerizing grooves, at times bringing to mind 70s krautrock. With a mixture of classic influences from the past they don't miss to give their music a very modern indie-rock sound with a dry and clean production. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

Stockholm's Knifven are back with a brand new 7". The two tracks blend well-known elements of postpunk, 70s punk and a bit of a Wipers flavor, but in the end Knifven create something fresh and unmistakable. The single kicks off with "Smutsen" a faster paced, guitar-driven tune played with a ferocity that leaves an impact on minds and eardrums alike. It offers an undercurrent of melancholic melodies and a totally succesfull trumpet part. Think of a faster version of Terrible Feelings. Knivfen slow things down with "Bingo", that's based on moody guitars in a Hot Snakes kind of way. The distinctive double-voiced vocals and the Swedish lyrics give both songs a very special note. This fourth Knivfen single is yet another must have, but it's time for a LP now! (Listen to it here)
NIGHT - S/T LP (Gaphals)
After two hot 7"s here's the first album by one today's best reincarnations of the earliest days of heavy metal. Drawing influences from the New Wave Of British Haevy Metal and traditional hardrock, this four-piece has turned out a well crafted metal masterpiece. But you're wrong if you think this could be some overproduced rock music. Night use an agressive, high engery sound to write their brash and straight rocking outsider anthems. They've definitely done their listening homework: the music is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sweet Savage, Saxon and Def Leppard. Also their (awful) look, their artwork, their lyrics and song titles like "Fire And Steel" give you the impression, that it's 1980 again. It's really a shocking moment when the first track starts and the high-screamed vocals set in. The top notch guitar-work offers impressive solos, razor-sharp riffs and typical long drawn-out chords. This LP leaves nothing to be desired, if you're a fan of classic metal and hardrock. (Listen to it here)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A look at the song titles already suggests, that this might rather be an untypical record. "bortsch", "borshch", "borstch" and "borsh" are all instrumental tunes. Two of them are shorter, two are extremly long and drawn out. Matt Earle is the only constant in the changing line-ups of Brisbane's Girls Girls Girls. Their vinyl debut "Borsh" follows several cassette and CDr releases. The recordings sound broken and inadequate in most possible ways. Good ideas occur and disappear. There is no apperent direction and no plan. The interplay of guitar, bass, electronics and stripped-down beats wanders aimlessly and imperfect through the album. Girls Girls Girls create music that stands out from the norm and expands the threshold of what a musical act can be. The raw, punishing lo-fi production underlines the albums's dark and ruined feel. Dead C are one main sorce of Girls Girls Girls' inspirations, even if this sounds fresh and unique enough to be more than a pale imitation. Limited to 250 handnumbered copies. (Listen to it here)

MOUNTAIN CULT - S/T LP (Little Big Chief)
Mountain Cult succeed to stand out from the countless Brooklyn based groups by playing their own pitiless and punishing brand of blues-rock. Bumping drum beats, groovy bass-lines and a thick guitar-driven wall of sound is what you can expect from their selftitled debut album. Things are based on a careless, random approach, that does not chum up with trends and hypes. The incomprehensible vocals sound unsetting and down-hearted in an absolutely unique way. One main secret of Mountain Cult's music is their guitar playing with it's variations between clashing distortions, slow psychedelic gesticulations and squeaky noise. With the help of ugly, violent lyrics the eight songs create a threatining and gloomy mood. Also the production sounds as crude as the whole musical performance. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)
This is a reissue of Greece's best kept underground rock secret. Pete And Royce were led by painter Panayiotis Tsiros and "Suffering Of Tomorrow" was their debut full lenght. When it was released in 1980 it lagged behind the innovations of underground music. The wordwide punk boom didn't have any influence on it. Instead of that this band recalled the sound of the 70s UK progressive rock scene. The album title "Suffering Of Tomorrow" and it's lyrical focus on death and decay seem mysterious and surreal in contrasts to the harmonizing vocals and peaceful sound of Pete And Royce's compositions. Fans of mid-period Pink Floyd won't be dissapointed here. Pete And Royce create fascinating soundscapes based on an excellent interplay of a folk inspired accoustic guitar and a distinctive space rock lead-guitar. The varied keyboard playing underlays the songs with warm harmonies or it pushs them forward with cosmic sounds and spacy improvisations. Only a few tracks turn into deep progressive/psychedelic trips with a few hints of krautrock in the vein of Can and Amon Düül II. Don't miss this classic! (Listen to it here)

True Sons Of Thunder emerge from the infamous garage scene of Memphis, Tennessee. This is already the second full lenght by this allstar group with Eric Friedl of The Oblivians/ Goner Records among others. They take their hometown's classic garage vibe and fuse it with their misanthropic, far out weirdo-punk approach. True Sons Of Thunder sound uncontrollable in most possible ways. Their songs are made with noisy guitars, pounding drums, offensive messages and originality to back it up. "Stop And Smell Your Face" balances between nasty kbd punk, pure noise, raw garage and exhausting blues-rock, but in the end it's their own, unmistakable style of punkrock. If you are a fan of The Reatards, Homostupids and 90s Columbus bands like The Bassholes and Ego Summit this LP will soundtrack your worldview admirably. (Listen to it here)

Monday, November 4, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 6 OF 6

ANTI CIMEX - 7 INCHES BOX 4x7" (Spicoli/ Nada Nada)
Spicoli and Nada Nada from Brazil bring this Anti Cimex 7 inches box. It contains official reissues of the first three Anti Cimex 7"s. In addition to that you get a fourth 7", that features compilation tracks taken from "Really Fast Volume 1" and "Vägra För Helvete". The box set includes four alternate Raped Ass sleeves, eight inserts with lyrics, liner notes, band pictures, three stickers and one poster. As a whole this is the ultimate Anti Cimex collection. In the early 80s there were plenty of fast hardcore acts coming from Sweden, but Mob47 and Anti Cimex have always been my two favourites. So I'm really glad, to hold this amazing box in my hands. "Anarkist Attack" is their first 7" from 1982. You can hear, that Anti Cimex have learned how to play their instruments, after forming the band. The four tracks provide raw and primal hardcorepunk at it's best. "Raped Ass" is my favourite Anti Cimex release. It takes the rawness of their first 7" and fuses it with a more calculated Discharge influence. This is one of the most influental Scandinavian hardcore records ever. Their third "Victims From A Bomb Raid" 7" from 1984 sounds like a complete worship of Discharge's first two albums with a very simular guitar sound and playing. Also the artwork and the lyrics deal with the obvious war topics. The bonus flexi 7" covers seven more tunes. The "Really Fast" cuts are almost as fast as Mob47. The two tracks from "Vägra För Helvete" are slower and darker. If you like classic Scandinavian hardcore, this box is a must have! (Listen to it here)

Super Viaduct has recently become one of my favourite reiusse label. This label only puts out the finest treasures from the past with a wide range of different musical styles and eras. Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell's one and only 7" was recorded in San Francisco in 1977, but the recordings sound like something, that was made in Detroit a few years earlier. Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell crank out four cuts of dirty, brash and nasty rock'n'roll. The songs merge the groove of The Stooges with the ferocity of Black Sabbath style hardrock and a totally demented punk attitude. The manic vocals and the lunatic, tough as nails guitar-solos are two main secrets of this US American punk classic. Don't be a fool and get this 7". (Listen to it here

FIRE EXIT - TIME WALL 7" (Last Laugh)
Last Laugh delivers another reissue of a true killed by death classic. Fire Exit's "Time Wall" 7" originally came out in 1978 on the bands own Timebomb label. It was the one and only 7" by Scotland's finest early punk band. The titletrack appeared on Killed By Death #6, Killed By Death #7 and Bloodstains Across The UK Volume 4. This songs is nothing but a top notch punk blast with a catchy as hell chorus. "Time Wall" finds a good balance between classic, snotty UK punkrock and tight guitar-solos simular to Radio Birdman. "Talking About Myself" hasn't been included on any compilations, even if this song is not a bit worse. It turns more into a psych-punk direction with it's manic vocals, driving bass lines and visceral guitar-solos. (Listen to it here)

NUBS - JOB 7" (Last Laugh)
"Job" is one of my top ten songs from the killed by death compilation series. So I'm more than pleased, that Brooklyn based label Last Laugh has now reissued this American punk classic for the first time. It originally came out in 1980. Back then, it was San Francisco's Nubs first and only vinyl release. "Job" appeared on Killed By Death #5 and it has been covered by The New Bomb Turks, The Secret Prostitutes and Fucked Up. "Little Billy's Burning" on the b-side was included on Killed By Death #18. Both songs are brilliant, nasty punk blasts, but "Job" is definitely the winner here. The lyrics are a product of sheer unadulterated ignorance, but in in a marvellous and funny way. Once you've heard them, they won't leave your head. This is a must have for every punk record collection. (Listen to it here)

David Quniton first met Stiv Bators from The Dead Boys at two shows of his band The Mods in Toronto in 1978 and 1979. Stiv Bators was looking for musicians to record his upcoming solo album. So he came up with the idea to ask David Quinton. He agreed and he was included in two studio sessions, that took place in Los Angeles. "Make Up Your Mind" was written by David Quinton. In August 1980 it was recorded for the first time in support of Stiv Bator's solo works. This version originally came out on a limited 12" promotional release by Bomp Records. Back then, David Quinton wasn't really satisfied with this first version. That's why he recorded it again in 1981. This second version appeared on his own solo album. This single features both versions. "Make Up Your Mind" is a excellent power-pop gem, that's as good as your favourites tracks from the "Powerpearls" compilation series. Both versions sound great, but the one by David Quinton with it's more emphasized vocal and guitar harmonies is my winner here. (Listen to it here

Along with Venom P. Stinger's "Meet My Friend Venom" LP, "What's Yours Is Mine" LP and "Waiting Room" 12" Drag City has recently also reissued their "Walking About" 7" from 1988. This single offers one of the best songs this Melbourne based group has ever written. The titletracks combines everything that's so fascinating about this band: A heavy dose of classic Aussie rock'n'roll, an unconventional postpunk approach, totally unique snare beats. Dugald Mackenzie's snotty vocals and a catchy guitar melody is what you can expect from "Walking About". Of course "26 Miligrams" on the b-side can not maintain this high level, but it's also worth it, if you like dissonant, noisy postpunk based on driving bass lines and squeaky guitars. (Listen to it here)

The name "Victims" has been popular among early punk groups. These Victims were from New York, so don't confuse them with Australia's The Victims, San Francisco's VKTMS or Victim from Belfast. The band was active from 1976 to 1979. During that period they released three 7"s. 1977 Records from Japan has no reissued their second and best 7", that was orginally released on Glenn Danzig's Plan 9 Records in 1978 (the only non Danzig recording released on his label). "Annette" and "I want head" on the a-side offer typical New York sleaze rock in the vein of New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers. Both tracks are certainly great, but "Behind the times" and "Nervous" on the flipside top the whole thing. These songs sound more like a dirty product of The Dead Boys and The Stooges. (Listen to it here)