Sunday, November 24, 2013


BL'AST! - BLOOD! LP (Southern Lord)
It is simply incomprehensible why SST hasn't kept the two Bl'ast! albums available. Especially "It's In My Blood!" is a true masterpiece of late 80s hardcore. Perhaps Greg Ginn is envious of Bl'ast!, because they've perfected the sound of Rollins era Black Flag? However, now thanks to Southern Lord here's finally something like a reissue of "It's In My Blood!". Although the songs on "Blood!" were recorded in a different recording session with guitarist William Duvall from Neon Christ, the album includes the same ten tracks from "It's In My Blood!" plus "Your Eyes", that is well known from their "School's Out" 7". The songs are taken from 25 year old master tapes, that Bl'ast! guitarist Mike Neider has recently discovered. No other than Dave Grohl has been responsible for the mixing. The result sounds as oustanding as their "It's In My Blood" album. Bl'ast! deliver their typical midtempo hardcore played with sheer power and intensity. They take influences from side one of "My War" and push them forward with a heavy dose of classic rock and with their typical, pulverising, guitar-work. The LP comes with a gatefold sleeve and the artwork looks fantastic. Don't miss this classic! (Listen to it here)