Thursday, November 14, 2013


DIVORCE - S/T 2xCD (Night School) 
The great Night School label brings us something like a discography double CD by Glasgow's Divorce. The first CD includes their last years debut full lenght. The second CD contains songs taken from several 7" releases. Divorce play a really disturbing and painful brand of noise-rock. The music sounds broken and challenging in most possible ways. Dirvorce are one of the few bands, that stand out from the norm and that refresh your view what music can sound like. It's impressive how the songs balance chaos and power. On the one hand Divorce sound like a mess of no wave noise, but on the other they've got punch without losing their directness. There are no harmonies and no catchiness, but you'll be satisfied, if you're looking for a extreme auditory experience made with frantic guitar riffage, smashing drum beats, high screaming vocals and pure insanity. Fans of The Locust, Melt Banana, Aids Wolf und Arab On Radar won't be dissapointed here. (Listen to it here)