Saturday, November 9, 2013


After three higly recommended 7"s, here's finally the first Album by Beast from Stockholm, Sweden. This band recalls the sound of 90's Scandinavian punk'n'roll groups. The songs have the kind of ferocity, that's reminiscent of early The Hellacopters recordings, even if they use different influences: Instead of reviving Detroit high energy rock'n'roll, Beast fuse 70s hard rock and with the power, simpliness and aggression of punk. The tough as nails guitar-riffs sound like they were stolen from the best songs by Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kiss and AC/DC. "Dead Or Alive" is wrought with catchy rock anthems, intense textures, superb guitar-solos and addictive grooves. The powerful vocals are really outstanding and highly charismatic. As a whole this LP offers Beast's strongest material yet. If you equally like punk and 70s rock, you won't be disappinted here. (Listen to it here)
DALAPLAN - S/T LP (Gaphals)
Here's finally the first full album by this Malm√∂ based four-piece. The fourteen tracks include all eight songs from their previous four 7"s plus six new originals. Dalaplan's music uses only the best ingredients of '60s garage and primal rock'n'roll. The record faithfully pays homage to the rawness of your favourite Back From The Grace cuts, to the wildness of  Radio Birdman and to the melodies of The Vaselines. The hard sound of the Swedish lyrics gives the lead-vocals a totally distinctive note. The harmonizing background vocals and the sweet organ melodies create a sunny feel. But within all the melodies and catchniness Dalaplan leave no doubt, that they first of all write straight on punk tunes. There's not single filler track included here and the record as a whole offers some of today's best garage music! (Listen to it here)

The bandname seems to parody the hardcore genre. Or is the band-picture with a doberman in the front really meant to be serious? However, Doberman Cult from Stockholm, Sweden nail down thirteen fast and heavy hardcore tracks fronted by some excellent throaty vocals. The foundation is 80s inspired New York hardcore in the vein of early Agnostic Front, Life's Blood, Sick Of It All and Antidote, but at the same time the lyrics represent a clear-cut political opinion. The text line "No tolerance for intolerance" is the best example. Doberman Cult's music is tough and primtitive, but their attitude is anti-sexist, anti-racist and pro-queer. They find a good balance between bleak, stomping midtempo hardcore and high-speed blasts. The whole record is delivered with rawness, aggression and intensity. Don't miss out if you're into hardcore! (Listen to it here)
From the first note of this single a fusion of several different influences and genres bleed through and create something like a 21st century product of Gang Of Four, Bahaus, Sonic's Rendezvous Band and a bit of a psych flavor. On their debut release Stockholm natives Jehovah Eyes have captured a unique brand of postpunk with a wide range of spheres and incursions. A brilliant mix of crunchy guitar-riffs and top notch leads lend weight to the album's mood while also making it melodic and powerful. The clean Bloc Party like vocals are laid over driving bass lines and a overall thick rythm section that slowly grow into mesmerizing grooves, at times bringing to mind 70s krautrock. With a mixture of classic influences from the past they don't miss to give their music a very modern indie-rock sound with a dry and clean production. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

Stockholm's Knifven are back with a brand new 7". The two tracks blend well-known elements of postpunk, 70s punk and a bit of a Wipers flavor, but in the end Knifven create something fresh and unmistakable. The single kicks off with "Smutsen" a faster paced, guitar-driven tune played with a ferocity that leaves an impact on minds and eardrums alike. It offers an undercurrent of melancholic melodies and a totally succesfull trumpet part. Think of a faster version of Terrible Feelings. Knivfen slow things down with "Bingo", that's based on moody guitars in a Hot Snakes kind of way. The distinctive double-voiced vocals and the Swedish lyrics give both songs a very special note. This fourth Knivfen single is yet another must have, but it's time for a LP now! (Listen to it here)
NIGHT - S/T LP (Gaphals)
After two hot 7"s here's the first album by one today's best reincarnations of the earliest days of heavy metal. Drawing influences from the New Wave Of British Haevy Metal and traditional hardrock, this four-piece has turned out a well crafted metal masterpiece. But you're wrong if you think this could be some overproduced rock music. Night use an agressive, high engery sound to write their brash and straight rocking outsider anthems. They've definitely done their listening homework: the music is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sweet Savage, Saxon and Def Leppard. Also their (awful) look, their artwork, their lyrics and song titles like "Fire And Steel" give you the impression, that it's 1980 again. It's really a shocking moment when the first track starts and the high-screamed vocals set in. The top notch guitar-work offers impressive solos, razor-sharp riffs and typical long drawn-out chords. This LP leaves nothing to be desired, if you're a fan of classic metal and hardrock. (Listen to it here)