Saturday, November 23, 2013


KANDODO - K20 LP+7" (Thrill Jockey)
Kandodo is the solo project of Simon Price, who's the singer and chief songwriter of the long running UK based stoner rock group The Heads. "K20" follows his brilliant last year's selftitled debut full lenght. Price uses organic instruments as well as electronica to take listeners on a journey to deep psychedelic and progressive soundscapes. He experiments with ambience, melody, spoken word samples and warm droning keyboard sounds. The result sounds like a refreshing and well-crafted version of 70s krautrock, that is underpinned by kosmische, expansive and earthy sounds. Some tracks are clearly longer than on Kandodo's prior release. The best example is the epic "Swim Into The Sun" with it's motorik beats flowing beneath the hypnotic eddies of electric shapes and guitar overtones. As a whole "K20" provides a very wide sound palette with an unbelievable dense atmosphere. Lay down and hypnotize slowly! (Listen to it here)