Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A look at the song titles already suggests, that this might rather be an untypical record. "bortsch", "borshch", "borstch" and "borsh" are all instrumental tunes. Two of them are shorter, two are extremly long and drawn out. Matt Earle is the only constant in the changing line-ups of Brisbane's Girls Girls Girls. Their vinyl debut "Borsh" follows several cassette and CDr releases. The recordings sound broken and inadequate in most possible ways. Good ideas occur and disappear. There is no apperent direction and no plan. The interplay of guitar, bass, electronics and stripped-down beats wanders aimlessly and imperfect through the album. Girls Girls Girls create music that stands out from the norm and expands the threshold of what a musical act can be. The raw, punishing lo-fi production underlines the albums's dark and ruined feel. Dead C are one main sorce of Girls Girls Girls' inspirations, even if this sounds fresh and unique enough to be more than a pale imitation. Limited to 250 handnumbered copies. (Listen to it here)

MOUNTAIN CULT - S/T LP (Little Big Chief)
Mountain Cult succeed to stand out from the countless Brooklyn based groups by playing their own pitiless and punishing brand of blues-rock. Bumping drum beats, groovy bass-lines and a thick guitar-driven wall of sound is what you can expect from their selftitled debut album. Things are based on a careless, random approach, that does not chum up with trends and hypes. The incomprehensible vocals sound unsetting and down-hearted in an absolutely unique way. One main secret of Mountain Cult's music is their guitar playing with it's variations between clashing distortions, slow psychedelic gesticulations and squeaky noise. With the help of ugly, violent lyrics the eight songs create a threatining and gloomy mood. Also the production sounds as crude as the whole musical performance. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)
This is a reissue of Greece's best kept underground rock secret. Pete And Royce were led by painter Panayiotis Tsiros and "Suffering Of Tomorrow" was their debut full lenght. When it was released in 1980 it lagged behind the innovations of underground music. The wordwide punk boom didn't have any influence on it. Instead of that this band recalled the sound of the 70s UK progressive rock scene. The album title "Suffering Of Tomorrow" and it's lyrical focus on death and decay seem mysterious and surreal in contrasts to the harmonizing vocals and peaceful sound of Pete And Royce's compositions. Fans of mid-period Pink Floyd won't be dissapointed here. Pete And Royce create fascinating soundscapes based on an excellent interplay of a folk inspired accoustic guitar and a distinctive space rock lead-guitar. The varied keyboard playing underlays the songs with warm harmonies or it pushs them forward with cosmic sounds and spacy improvisations. Only a few tracks turn into deep progressive/psychedelic trips with a few hints of krautrock in the vein of Can and Amon Düül II. Don't miss this classic! (Listen to it here)

True Sons Of Thunder emerge from the infamous garage scene of Memphis, Tennessee. This is already the second full lenght by this allstar group with Eric Friedl of The Oblivians/ Goner Records among others. They take their hometown's classic garage vibe and fuse it with their misanthropic, far out weirdo-punk approach. True Sons Of Thunder sound uncontrollable in most possible ways. Their songs are made with noisy guitars, pounding drums, offensive messages and originality to back it up. "Stop And Smell Your Face" balances between nasty kbd punk, pure noise, raw garage and exhausting blues-rock, but in the end it's their own, unmistakable style of punkrock. If you are a fan of The Reatards, Homostupids and 90s Columbus bands like The Bassholes and Ego Summit this LP will soundtrack your worldview admirably. (Listen to it here)