Thursday, November 14, 2013


The Tampa, Florida trio Merchandise is one of those bands, that refresh their sound over and over again. They've emerged from the ashes of mysterious guy hardcore band Cult Ritual and with every record they've released since then they've marked a new step in their musical development. What began as a modern version of Joy Division with Jesus And The Mary Chain chainsaw guitars, has matured on their previous album "Children Of Disire" to become a complex fusion of postpunk, shoegaze, industrial and pop. With "Total Nite" Merchandise somewhat leave their 80s British postpunk roots. The five songs sound more complex, varied and experimental than ever before. The focus is clearly on indie-pop influences from the 1980s, but without putting in question the band's unconventional and radical approach. Carson Cox' vocals with their strong simularities to Morrissey are again one highly distinctive and oustanding secret of this record. Merchandise are one of the most exciting bands in recent years and "Total Night" is yet another great example. (Listen to it here)