Monday, November 4, 2013

NEW 7"s PART 6 OF 6

ANTI CIMEX - 7 INCHES BOX 4x7" (Spicoli/ Nada Nada)
Spicoli and Nada Nada from Brazil bring this Anti Cimex 7 inches box. It contains official reissues of the first three Anti Cimex 7"s. In addition to that you get a fourth 7", that features compilation tracks taken from "Really Fast Volume 1" and "Vägra För Helvete". The box set includes four alternate Raped Ass sleeves, eight inserts with lyrics, liner notes, band pictures, three stickers and one poster. As a whole this is the ultimate Anti Cimex collection. In the early 80s there were plenty of fast hardcore acts coming from Sweden, but Mob47 and Anti Cimex have always been my two favourites. So I'm really glad, to hold this amazing box in my hands. "Anarkist Attack" is their first 7" from 1982. You can hear, that Anti Cimex have learned how to play their instruments, after forming the band. The four tracks provide raw and primal hardcorepunk at it's best. "Raped Ass" is my favourite Anti Cimex release. It takes the rawness of their first 7" and fuses it with a more calculated Discharge influence. This is one of the most influental Scandinavian hardcore records ever. Their third "Victims From A Bomb Raid" 7" from 1984 sounds like a complete worship of Discharge's first two albums with a very simular guitar sound and playing. Also the artwork and the lyrics deal with the obvious war topics. The bonus flexi 7" covers seven more tunes. The "Really Fast" cuts are almost as fast as Mob47. The two tracks from "Vägra För Helvete" are slower and darker. If you like classic Scandinavian hardcore, this box is a must have! (Listen to it here)

Super Viaduct has recently become one of my favourite reiusse label. This label only puts out the finest treasures from the past with a wide range of different musical styles and eras. Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell's one and only 7" was recorded in San Francisco in 1977, but the recordings sound like something, that was made in Detroit a few years earlier. Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell crank out four cuts of dirty, brash and nasty rock'n'roll. The songs merge the groove of The Stooges with the ferocity of Black Sabbath style hardrock and a totally demented punk attitude. The manic vocals and the lunatic, tough as nails guitar-solos are two main secrets of this US American punk classic. Don't be a fool and get this 7". (Listen to it here

FIRE EXIT - TIME WALL 7" (Last Laugh)
Last Laugh delivers another reissue of a true killed by death classic. Fire Exit's "Time Wall" 7" originally came out in 1978 on the bands own Timebomb label. It was the one and only 7" by Scotland's finest early punk band. The titletrack appeared on Killed By Death #6, Killed By Death #7 and Bloodstains Across The UK Volume 4. This songs is nothing but a top notch punk blast with a catchy as hell chorus. "Time Wall" finds a good balance between classic, snotty UK punkrock and tight guitar-solos simular to Radio Birdman. "Talking About Myself" hasn't been included on any compilations, even if this song is not a bit worse. It turns more into a psych-punk direction with it's manic vocals, driving bass lines and visceral guitar-solos. (Listen to it here)

NUBS - JOB 7" (Last Laugh)
"Job" is one of my top ten songs from the killed by death compilation series. So I'm more than pleased, that Brooklyn based label Last Laugh has now reissued this American punk classic for the first time. It originally came out in 1980. Back then, it was San Francisco's Nubs first and only vinyl release. "Job" appeared on Killed By Death #5 and it has been covered by The New Bomb Turks, The Secret Prostitutes and Fucked Up. "Little Billy's Burning" on the b-side was included on Killed By Death #18. Both songs are brilliant, nasty punk blasts, but "Job" is definitely the winner here. The lyrics are a product of sheer unadulterated ignorance, but in in a marvellous and funny way. Once you've heard them, they won't leave your head. This is a must have for every punk record collection. (Listen to it here)

David Quniton first met Stiv Bators from The Dead Boys at two shows of his band The Mods in Toronto in 1978 and 1979. Stiv Bators was looking for musicians to record his upcoming solo album. So he came up with the idea to ask David Quinton. He agreed and he was included in two studio sessions, that took place in Los Angeles. "Make Up Your Mind" was written by David Quinton. In August 1980 it was recorded for the first time in support of Stiv Bator's solo works. This version originally came out on a limited 12" promotional release by Bomp Records. Back then, David Quinton wasn't really satisfied with this first version. That's why he recorded it again in 1981. This second version appeared on his own solo album. This single features both versions. "Make Up Your Mind" is a excellent power-pop gem, that's as good as your favourites tracks from the "Powerpearls" compilation series. Both versions sound great, but the one by David Quinton with it's more emphasized vocal and guitar harmonies is my winner here. (Listen to it here

Along with Venom P. Stinger's "Meet My Friend Venom" LP, "What's Yours Is Mine" LP and "Waiting Room" 12" Drag City has recently also reissued their "Walking About" 7" from 1988. This single offers one of the best songs this Melbourne based group has ever written. The titletracks combines everything that's so fascinating about this band: A heavy dose of classic Aussie rock'n'roll, an unconventional postpunk approach, totally unique snare beats. Dugald Mackenzie's snotty vocals and a catchy guitar melody is what you can expect from "Walking About". Of course "26 Miligrams" on the b-side can not maintain this high level, but it's also worth it, if you like dissonant, noisy postpunk based on driving bass lines and squeaky guitars. (Listen to it here)

The name "Victims" has been popular among early punk groups. These Victims were from New York, so don't confuse them with Australia's The Victims, San Francisco's VKTMS or Victim from Belfast. The band was active from 1976 to 1979. During that period they released three 7"s. 1977 Records from Japan has no reissued their second and best 7", that was orginally released on Glenn Danzig's Plan 9 Records in 1978 (the only non Danzig recording released on his label). "Annette" and "I want head" on the a-side offer typical New York sleaze rock in the vein of New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers. Both tracks are certainly great, but "Behind the times" and "Nervous" on the flipside top the whole thing. These songs sound more like a dirty product of The Dead Boys and The Stooges. (Listen to it here)