Thursday, December 19, 2013


Here we go with the second full lenght by this garage four-piece from Stockholm, Sweden. "Back To Sleep" is very much a modern album, even it displays classic influences from the '60s. Makeouts deliver a frantic mixture of traditional garage, rock'n'roll, power pop and punkrock to all fans of the mentioned genres. They create a sound which is both traditional and unique. But they need no heavy fuzz, ear-bleeding distortion or psychedelic freak outs to write twelve mid-paced tunes, that are all delivered with class and originality. Makeouts expand upon the typical repertoire of garage-rock through the unique qualities of their music. They bring an addictive sound based on catchy choruses, galopping beats, fantastic hooks and an undercurrent of sweet melodies. It's still very much in the classic vein of garage and punk, but it's not retro music, because they don't forget to add their own personal note. Fans of Jay Reatard, Demon's Claw, Dirtbombs, King Khan and Teengenerate won't be dissapointed.(Listen to it here)

NEW SWEARS - FUNNY ISN'T REAL LP (Bachelor / Dirt Cult)
Hailing from Ottowa, Canada New Swears give the world an impressingly fresh take on poppy punk. Their debut release "Funny Isn't Real" combines the hard-driving raunch of bubblegum punk and primal rock'n'roll with the sugar-sweet melodies of 60s garage pop and 70s power pop. Each of the ten tracks here is constituted from only the catchiest choruses, the best harmonzing background vocals and tons of addictive guitar leads, that won't leave your head right after the first listen. If you think of brilliant retro-riffs  mixed up with explosive punk energy and catchy as hell 60s pop  played with humour and sleaze then you got a rough idea of what New Swears are all about. This is the kind of music you want to take right to the next party together with your favourite records by Nobunny, Hunx And His Punx, Warm Soda, Sneaky Pinks, White Wires and Magic Kids. Bachelor brings the European version, Dirt Cult is responsible for the US pressing. (Listen to it here

VA - THE BIG ITCH CLUB 7" (Bachelor)
This nice 7" compilation spotlights three hot current punk groups from Dublin, Ireland. "The Big Itch Club" is a music club in the city that opens every now and then. The #1s have recently released a highly recommended 7" on Sorry State and Alien Snatch. Here they dish up two more catchy as hell tunes, that keep the quality on a high level. This band recalls the most glorious days of Northern Irish power-pop. If I would'nt know it better, I would think these songs were recorded in Belfast in the year 1978. The Undertones, Rudi, Protex, Victim and The Doubt really couldn't have done it better. This is just the perfect combination of raw punk energy and sheer catchiness. The b-side kicks of with a tune by the fantastic September Girls. This all girl five-piece brings a cover of "Gay Bar" by Electric Six, but they don't forget to add their typical reverb-soaked garage pop flavor. Last but not least Faux Kings crank out one relentlessly driving burst of primal rock 'n' roll energy with some hints of surf added for good measure. (Listen to it here)