Friday, December 20, 2013


CATHOLIC GUILT / INU -  DEGRADED COBARDES SPLIT LP (Symphony of Destruction/ Destroy It Yorself/ Derrick Hunter/ Dzsukhell/ Grita O Moere/ Subversive Ways/ Panda Banda)
This is an all European hardcore split LP and both bands are absolutely worth to check out. Inu from Spain serve five blasts of intense no bullshit hardcore, carrying on the flame of classic Japanese "burning spirits" bands. They fuse the power and intensity of hardcorepunk with flashy guitar solos and speed-metal influences. It sounds like these guys probably have listened to a lot to Bastard, Death Side, Crude, Burial and Selfish. The songs are made with catchy choruses and they are delivered with pure intensity. On their vinyl debut Catholic Guilt from Austria sound like something, that could have been taken from the "Network Of Friends" compilation. Things are based on a really unique chorused guitar sound, d-beat influenced drums and an overall dark atmosphere comparable with Die Kreuzen and The Necros. The product of these influences somehow captures the sound of mid and late 80s European hardcore, which means Catholic Guilt fuckin' rule. You get six brilliant songs, of which one is already known from their demo tape. (Listen to it here)

CATHOLIC GUILT - DEMO TAPE (self released)
After Sotatila and Ruidosa Immundcia here's another brilliant hardcorepunk group from Austria. Catholic Guilt from Graz bring 3 tracks of pure raging hardcore-punk. The guitars push you on and the pounding drums totally drive it. The songs are fast, but not too fast and they are dirty, ripping, and slightly dissonant. The sound could be compared with the darkness of early Touch&Go releases on the one hand and 80s European hardcore simular to Challenger Crew and Neuroot on the other. Even though this just a demo tape, the production is powerful, intense and not too rough. You won't be dissapointed, if you like plain 80s style hardcore in the way it was meant to be. This is really a very promising debut release! (Listen to it here)