Friday, December 27, 2013


Forced Laugh are Canadian postpunks, playing short and nasty songs built from loud bashing guitar riffs, feedbacks, pounding drum beats, an overall driving rhythm section and deadpan talked echo vocals. "Zero Return" follows two previous cassettes and one 7".  The band delivers a very sloppy and unpolished brand of postpunk, that's probably too raw for indie/garage folks and too weird for fans of classic punkrock. The cassette comes hosted in two collage fold-outs and the look of the messy cut-n-paste imagery already demonstrates, that this musc does not chum up with trends and hypes. Forced Laugh sound far-out, stunned and inadequate. It's all straight forward, but songs just stop dead without a real dircection and not a single catchy chorus. If they were from the UK and had showed up 30 years earlier, their songs could have been a great addition to the Messthetic compliations. Think of something between early Rough Trade releases, The Proletariat and Crass. Or if you need modern references: Fans of The Pheromoans, early U.V. Race, Taco Leg and Tyvek won't be dissapointed here. This cassette will leave you begging for more and I really hope their next release is going to be a full LP. Great!! (Listen to it here)