Friday, December 13, 2013


HERO DISHONEST – ALLE LUJAA LP (If Society/ Läjä/ Peterwalkee)
After almost 15 years in existence and countless tours Hero Dishonest are back with a brandnew album. This band has never acquired the high degree of recognition, they've desevered, because they've always played their own unique style of hardcorepunk far from trends and hypes. For the first time all lyrics on "Alle Lujaa" are written in Finnish language. That's why on the surface the record brings to mind the sound of classic early 80s Propaganda releases. Nonetheless, Hero Dishonest sound a lot more refined and varied than their Finnish punk forefathers. It's impressive, how they push so many different ideas and influence into their short, straight blasting tunes. On the basis of US hardcore in the vein of Die Kreuzen (one song is also a cover of "Pain"), Government Issue and Deep Wound they blast through thirteen songs, that are all delivered with precision and intensity. Only the extended two tracks on the b-side with their slow and disharmonic structures lead into a different musical direction comparable with the b-side of "My War". The guitar-work is really outstanding, because it clearly exceeds the typical, musical limits of hardcore. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)