Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This tape features recordings taken from a so far unreleased practice session, that took place in November 1980 before their first live performance at the "Kuckuck" club in West-Berlin. While listening to this tape it becomes clear, that Die Tödliche Doris were far ahead of their times. Their music offers a truely radical postpunk concept, They were neither from New York nor from London. They were from West-Berlin and it's the year 1980. Back then most other German bands tried to copy the sound of early UK punk or they were part of the NDW sound, a German style of wave influenced pop music. Die Tödliche Doris created arty avangarde music far from categories and musical movements. Their songs were made by musicians, that didn't really know how to play their instruments. This is sleek minimalism in the most perfect way. The mix of spoken lyrics and clear singing is another distinctive element of their songs. The opening track " Wir Spielen Uns In Die Herzen Des Publikums Und Tanzen In Den Frühling" is an extended, dissonant and painfully monotone tune. The second song is a first edition of "Der Astronaut Und Der Kosmos", that was one year later released on their selftitled 12" on the Hamburg based Zickzack label. "Warm Leatherette" is a a crappy, but fantastic cover version of this classic originally written by The Normal. The final titletrack "Losspielen" is another aimless, slow and bizarre improvisation. This tape is limited to 100 copies, so be fast and don't miss it! (Listen to it here)

There is no doubt, that Max Müller is one of the most important persons in the history of German underground music. Whether Mutter, Honkas, Die Tödliche Doris or Campingsex - with all his bands he has created something really unique and brilliant. This cassette is a rerelease of his first solo recordings in a edition of 100 copies. The twelve songs were recorded with a four-track tapedeck (I think) in 1987 in his home in Berlin, Kreuzberg. For this reissue they have been remastered at Not Not Fun Studios. The cassette has been released in a edition of 100 copies. Equipped with cheap drum computer beats, keyboards, effects, guitar and his distinctive voice Max Müller fuses wave with electronic music, noise and punk to create his own brand of minimal postpunk. The songs range from ballads to bizzare instrumentals and improvisations. The only constant ist his weird approach. The multitracked vocals are another main secret of these recordings. Max Müller's German lyrics captivate listeners with their offensive bluntness and acrid satire. They deal with failed people and an overall negative world view, but in a really funny and critical way. Max Müller fuckin' rules! (Listen to it here)