Wednesday, January 8, 2014


BLACK TOWER -  S/T TAPE (Cut The Chord That...)
Black Tower from Ottawa, Canada feature members of Crusades and Visitors. Musically their demo cassette offers a prettty unique mixture of death-rock, power-metal and punk influences. Despite a playtime of three to five minutes the four tunes are all fast and straight forward. The music is first of all rooted in the sound of classic punkrock, even if the guitar adds plenty of dark metal melodies. The mixed-gender vocals are catchy and heavy rocking. Songtitles like "Dark Lord" or "The Dragon Flies" already illustrate, that the lyrics deal with gloomy fantasy topics. Imagine members of Christian Death and Grave Digger were playing together in a punk band. Sounds strange? And yes it's a bit strange, but in a very positive way. (Listen to it here

ISOLATION - S/T TAPE (Cut The Chord That...)
Hailing from Münster, Germany are a hardcore four-piece consinsting of guys who have been or are involved in Short Fuse, Annotation or Beneath The Wheel. After their debut 7" here's their latest cassette release, that delivers four brand new tunes. This band plays a really primal brand of hardcore, that's all about anger and frustration. Isolation are the opposite to the modern sound of intellectual post-rock and screamo influenced hardcore. Their songs are fast, but not too fast and they definitely know, who how to add groovy and crushing midtempo parts. The recordings offer a slight Oi! influence and they are fronted by some super gnarly vocals. If you dig Iron Cross, 86 Mentality und Sheer Terror. you'll probably also be digging this. (Listen to it here

For quite some time there are again great bands coming from Berlin. Levitations are my latest discovery and their debut 7" is probably one of the best German punk records of the year 2013. This four-piece plays melodic indie-punk, but with a fresh and unique sound. If I wouldn't know it better, I would think these four tunes were written in Australia or Brooklyn, because they somewhat sound reminiscent of Super Wild Horses, Golden Staph and Vivian Girls. At the same time Levitations don't forget to add their own special flavour with some hints of postpunk simular to Slant 6, Kleenex and The Slits. The multi-voiced vocal harmonies are absolutely outstanding and they are one of the main secrets of this highly recommended 7". Don't miss it! (Listen to it here

PROTESTER - S/T TAPE (Cut The Chord That...)
Protester are a new hardcore group from Washington D.C.. The five tracks on their demo tape have been recorded in a one-man-line-up. Connor from Last Words and Abuse is repsonsible for vocals, guitars, bass, and drums, but for the future he plans to perform the songs with a real band. You get four own songs plus a well done cover-version of the Last Rights classic “Out Of Our Minds”. The recordings are fast, but with a focus on brutal grooving midtempo parts. Protester take influences from classic American hardcore groups like S.O.A., SS Decontrol, D.Y.S. and The Abused. Things are based on pissed off, throaty vocals and tons of simple, but really crushing guitar-riffs.  This demo-tape sounds like Protester's first vinyl record will soon be out on Painkiller Records. Fans of Prisoner Abuse, Boston Stranglers, Violent Future and Knife Fight won't be dissapointed here! (Listen to it here)

REPLICA - S/T 7" (Cut The Chord That.../ Prank)
After a demo tape, that has also been released on a 7", here's the first regular 7" by this new band from the bay area. Replica take the heavyness of typical Prank style hardcore and mix it with a healthy dose of blasting powerviolence and some hints of 80s thrash. The five tunes deliver a really powerful fusion of blazing riffs, occasional blast beats, pounding drums and some really pissed-off vocals. that combine for a merciless, hardcore 7". They've got a huge sound, an incredible energy and it's all fast, tight and complex. Think of the product of Antichism, Talk Is Poison, Infest and Artimus Pyle. This 7" leaves nothing to be desired, if you're looking for well done raw hardcore-punk. Strongly recommended! Prank brings the US version, Cut The Chord That... is responsible for the European pressing. (Listen to it here)