Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This is a great European split 7". Building on the strengths of their previous releases, Dishonarable Discharge from Oslo, Norway keep the intensity on a high level and give you three cuts of groundbreaking hardcore-punk. Not without reason they contain the word "Discharge" in their bandname, but they add a healthy dose of classic Norwegian hardcore  to their Scandinavian d-beat influences. On the other side of the split Peacebastard dish up d-beat driven hardcore-punk. This bands consists of former members of M.V.D., To What End? and Reactory. Their music isn't really in line with current trends and hypes. It's too clean to be some kind of noisy d-beat, it's not filthy and metallic enough to sound like Swedish crust and it's not dark enough to be another Tragedy clone. Instead, Peacebastard have maintained a straight on. raw punk feel based on loud, blazing guitars and snotty shouted vocals. Great! (Listen to it here)

MÜLLTÜTE - DRITTE 7" (HeartFirst) 
A few years ago, there were only a very few good punk and hardcore bands coming from Berlin. But now there are Diät, Levitations, SGURD, Fluffers, Pig//Control, Peacebastard, Crack Under Pressure and so many more. Mülltüte should also be included in this list. Their third 7" is yet another frantic blast of fast, negative punk. They are a duo consisting of drums and guitar only. That is why their tunes are straight and simple, but not stupid or boring. They take the sound of late 70s and early 80s German punk simular to KFC, Mittagspause, S.Y.P.H. and fuse it with the speed and power of hardcore. It's all delivered with great, negative lyrics and some really, top notch vocals. This 7" truly shows how Mülltüte both musically and lyrically standout above a lot of mediocre music these days. (Listen to it here)

PIG//CONTROL - TRAUMA 7" (HeartFirst) 
Pig//Control are another new killer band from Berlin. They consist of people, who have been involved in Bombenalarm, Family Man and A Bit Of Braindead. After a great demo and a debut 7", Pig//Control gives us "Trauma", their second 7". This band plays hardcore-punk in the way it was meant to be. That's not really something new, but Pig//Control succed to sound fresh and exciting. They find a good balance between speed and noisy midtempo parts. The four tunes are suprisingly varied and they are played with straight blasting power and intensity. Things are based on potent vocals, heavy pounding drums and a oustanding guitar playing, that busts the typical genre limitations. I party feel reminded of Cult Ritual, but don't get me wrong: this 7" absolutely speaks for itself! (Listen to it here)

VAASKA - CONDENADO 7" (HeartFirst)
Texas punks Vaaska know how to do a lot with little. This four-piece from Austin plays basic d-beat driven hardcore punk. Their songs sound original and outstanding, even if they need no crazy tempo changes, no plenty of breaks and no walls of feedbacks and distortion. With a 80s Spanish hardcore influenced base, they offer a fresh and unique mixture of d-beat hardcore and powerful punk. Huge guitars are paired with pounding drums, potent vocals in Spanish and fist-pumping riffs, but they're constantly filling their songs with hooks, short guitar-solos  and an undercurrent of melodies. Vaaska really expand the typical norms of d-beat hardcore in an intersting and more catchy way, but without losing their rawness and aggression. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)