Friday, January 10, 2014


GENTLEMEN - SEX TAPE 12" (Homeless)
Gentlmen are yet another great new band from Melbourne, Australia. Together with Cuntz they are the brightest star of the Aussie noise-punk landscape. The seven tunes on this 12" have previously been released on a demo tape and now Homeless has put them a piece of vinyl. The songs sound angry and they are all pretty infuriating. Gentlemen made a record that's noisy, tweaked and distorted. They play ugly punk that lands somewhere right up to the edge of the full-blown, raw rock'n'roll sound of 90s Crypt releases yet at it's heart, is closest to the nihilism and dirtiness of Flipper, Brainbombs and Stickem With Rayguns. Gentlemen leave listeners in a blur and self doubt as they power through their set of anxiety ridden songs made with blazing, repetetive riffs, squeaky guitars and rabid vocals. The production sounds raw and filthy, just like this whole brilliant record. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

THE STICKMEN - S/T LP (Homeless)
Homeless has reissued two LPs by The Stickmen from Tasmania. This band was active in the late 90s and they only put out these two albums. They were both orginaly released as CDs-only with a different (worse looking) artwork. Honestly I haven't known this band before, but they fuckin' rule. With a mix of strong, ferocious instrumentals and vocals ranging from restrained to some screaming, The Stickmen create a fresh and unmistakable brand of music, that separates themselves from the pack. The songs are quiet, atmospheric and moody for large parts of the record, but at the same time they explore a wide range of dynamics. The influences range from guitar-driven 90s indie-rock to postpunk rhythms with a heavy sense of groove, driving blues & psych riffs and some nervous noise-rock breakouts. Think of a really unique product of Dinosaur Jr., U.S. Maple, Birthday Party and 70s Aussie rock. Their selftitled debut from 1998 is a bit more dissonant and punchy, "Man Made Stars" is more on the gloomy side, but both records are true masterpieces. Great stuff! (Listen to it here and here)