Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 2 OF 6

CHURCH WHIP - FINAL 7" (Vinyl Rites)
In the last couple of years there have been countless of brilliant punk and hardcore groups like Cult Ritual, Dads, Merchandise, Neon Blud and Slavescene emerging from the scene of Tampa, Florida. Church Whip feature members of all mentioned groups. That alone is of course no guarantee of quality, but this 7" really sounds as good as you might expect. After two 7"s and one full LP Church Whip crank out two epic hardcore tunes both with a playtime of 3-4 minutes. They find a good balance between raw d-beat and melodic power-metal influences. Fast, ugly and noisy hardcore not unlike Mauser and Ectoplasm is paired with plenty of fantastic metal guitar solos and bizarre intros. The gruff vocals show simularities to G.I.S.M. and they deliver a kind of weirdness, that you would only expect from Japanese hardcore. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

DIE - S/T 7" (Sonic Terror Discs)
Don't let the bandname and the cover artwork fool you. This is not some kind of blackened hardcore. Instead, Die's vinyl debut sounds like a fresh and contemporary interpretation of classic 80s hardcore. The songs are driven by a loud, distorted and devastating guitar and they are completed by some really potent vocals, short sqeaking guitar leads and an overall tight musical performance. The six tunes take the best parts of SS Decontrol's ripping midtempo parts and Ripcord's blasting energy to make it their own fresh style of hardcore. After No, Violent Reaction, Stab, Perspex Flesh and The Flex Die are yet another very promising new hardcore group from the UK and this 7" is nothing but a true winner record from the start to the end. (Listen to it here)

PUSRAD - MODERN ANATOMI 7" (Signaler Fran Ovan)
Following their highly recommended "Dömd" 12" my favorite current Swedish hardcore band is back with their third 7". Pusrad blast through ten wild and frantic cuts of manic fast hardcore. The music is made with plenty of breaks, stop & go's and variations, that keep it fresh and exciting. Even if the songs are all short and to the point, there's nothing missing and there's not a single second, that feels wasted. Pusrad' take the sound of classic 70s punk and powerpop and combine it with the speed and shortness of hardcore. That's how they create their own subliminally melodic style of hardcore, that really seperates them from the rest. With the final track "Maskineri" Pusrad don't even shrink from adding a poppunk number. And it's also the first Pusrad song with a playtime over one minute. Great! (Listen to it here
SGURD - S/T 7" (Adagio830) 
SGURD are new band based between Berlin and Italy consisting of former members of L’Amico Di Martucci, La Piovra, Smart Cops, and Ohuzaru. Their vinyl debut offers six short and wild blasts all with a playtime of only about one minute. A mix of heavy feedbacks, crushing yet squeaky guitars and frantic drums is what you can expect from this raging 7". The songs vary between uncontrollable, fast hardcore and stomping midtempo parts. They are fronted by some really manic screamed vocals. Everything is rooted in the sound of early 80s US punk and hardcore. Imagine The Germs were trying to sound like a mix of Void and SS Decontrol. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

I like grindcore, but I hate most current grindcore bands. Grind should be like punk on high speed. All those technical, mathy and metallic shit with it's partly very questionable lyrics just fuckin' sucks. So it's really nice to hold a split 7" in my hands, that's titled "Fuck Porngrind Sympathy" and that revibes the sound of grind in the way it was meant to be. Trigger from the east of Germany consist of drums, bass and vocals only. This brings to mind Bizarre X and Godstomper, but Trigger have definitely developed their own unique style of grinding powerviolence. Even if the line-up is small they create a full sound with blast beats and a driving, effect-loaded bass in the forefront. Attack Of The Mad Axeman from Hamburg like to perform while beeing dressed as animals. Also their lyrics about animals rights and saving the nature leave the impression, that they've been huge "Captain Planet" fans during their childhood. Musically they dish up six merciless cuts of brutal blistering grindcore played with unhuman speed. Think of a product of Napalm Death, Gadget and Cyness. (Listen to it here)