Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 4 OF 6

Brooklyn, New York’s The Jay Vons feature former members of Reigning Sound. This four-piece embodies the spirit of 60s American soul, taking classic influences from Marvin Gaye and The Four Tops, and colliding it with their punk and rock roots. Their second vinyl single offers two tracks of upbeat and unbelievably catchy soul music. This double a-side 7" seems like an overseen legendary Motown release. Things are based on a funky groove, great melodies, catchy vocals and warm, central organ harmonies. "Night (was stealing from the sun)" is a faster paced, immediate smash hit and "Day Undone" keeps the quality high with it's astonishingly great saxophone melody throughout the chorus. I’m defenitely not a fanatic of soul music, but I totally love The Jay Vons. (Listen to it here)

THE #1S - SHARON SHOULDN'T 7" (Alien Snatch!/ Sorry State)
The #1s are the new star in the powerpop sky. They are a Dublin based four-piece featuring members of The Pacifics, Strongs Boys, Cian Nugent & The Cosmos and Cheap Freaks. Even if they are from Ireland their music sounds like it was written in the Northern part of the island about 35 years ago. The band's sonic blasts recall the classic sound of The Undertones, Rudi, Protex and Victim. The #1s play an incredible hybrid of sugar sweet melodies, catchy choruses and the primal energy of '77 punk. The lead vocal delivery is just as brilliant as the harmonizing background vocals. "Sharon" is a true smash hit and a kind of song you want to take right to the next part. "Boy" on the b-side is another straight on powerpop blast, while "Girls" is a solid, slower ballad. Don't miss this powerpearl!  Alien Snatch! has put out the single in Europe and Sorry State is responsible for the US pressing. (Listen to it here)

Hailing from the influental Memphis punk and and garage scene Moving Finger are a new band with members from Ex-Cult, Nots and Noise Choir. They play a primtive and raw style of punk that fuses the nihilism and the cheap production of '70s killed by death punk with '60s psych-rock influences. The titletrack is an ugly, nasty and primal punk cut based on a few chords, some short squeaky solos and a cheap singalong chorus. This track sounds like it could have been taken from one of the "All American" kbd volumes. "P.O.W. / M.I.A." offers faster-paced, short and noisy punk with spanish lyrics. On the flipside Moving Finger push their psychedelic influences way into the forefront. "Tres Dolares" is a slow and destructive tune, that ends with heavy delay-effect guitar freak outs. In short, this single is something you should not miss! (Listen to it here)
THE NOVICE - S/T 7" (Dirtnap) 
The Novice were active between April 2010 and August 2012 when Jeff Burke (Marked Men, Potential Johns) lived in Japan. Musically they continue where Jeff Burke left off with Marked Men and If you dig them, you'll also be digging this. This two track single fuses poppunk, powerpop and garage roots with great melodies, catchy choruses, distinctive vocals and a brilliant songwrting for an intense, high energy sound. "What you want" is a guitar-driven straight blasting tune made with nice guitar licks and Marky Ramomes inspired drum beats. "Your Crime" on the flipside delivers fast, upbeat punk on a equivalent level. If you've liked Marked Men, you shouldn't miss this 7". (Listen to it here)

Radioactivity sounds like a typical Jeff Burke band. Don't get me wrong, I like all his bands, but no matter what's their name he plays the same kind of music again and again. This time he joins the forces with Mark Ryan (Marked Men, Mind Spiders) and two guys from Bad Sports and Wax Idols. This three track single still stands out above a lot of mediocre music, but compared with the band members other bands it's not their best material so far. The a-side delivers two solid, short and frantic poppunk gems, that find a good balance between poppy melodies and raw punk energy.  With "Silent" on the b-side Radioactivity contribute this single's most memorable tune. They slow things down, add some melancholic undertones and use a guitar riff, that sounds a bit like it's stolen from a Wipers record. (Listen to it here)