Monday, January 13, 2014


Besides some rad garage and psych bands like Bazooka or Acid Baby Jesus, there are also some great hardcore bands emerging form the current Greece underground scene. Ruined Families are probably the best example. This band from Athens melts only the best parts of modern hardcore into a mixture of dynamic riffing, potent vocals, hard hitting blast beats and sheer power. The songs are made with varied different influences and ideas showcasing a hybrid brand of black metal, modern hardcore, powerviolence and  emo-hardcore. Since their debut LP and their 7" the band has progressed itself. "Blank Language" is the album that shows a band that has stepped forward, up and beyond themselves. Ruined Families merge blasting violence with heavy darkness, unorthodox melodies  and chaotic complexity into their own dynamic brand of hardcore. There are some simularities to bands like Coalesce, Cursed, Left For Dead, Ceremony, Wolves In The Throne Room and Comadre, but with the help of their diversity they add a own unique spin on the genre. (Listen to it here)