Friday, February 14, 2014


KILLERLADY - S/T LP (Beau Travail) 
Killerlady is the moniker of Martin Kircher, vocalist of the long running German goth-punk group EA80. With his solo-project he explores uncharted territory and goes in a very differrent musical direction. The title of the opening track "From Ohio To New Zealand" seems to provide the orientation for his musical approach. Killerlady neither sounds like Dead C nor like 90s Columbus bands, but the music is made with same kind of improvisation and weirdness. Fans of Siltbreeze releases won't be disappointed here. Kircher uses electro-drone sounds, keyboard melodies, heavy distorted guitar noise, a few drum-computer beats and his dark distinct voice to create his unsetting and spooky tunes. The album offers music, that stands out from the norm. It's raw, punishing sound underlines the song's hypnotic and ruined feel. Some of them turn into pur noise, some are based on 80s minimal wave influences, some are focused on the loud noisy garage guitar, but all are great in it's own way. The LP comes in a die-cut-cover with a colour photo pasted on the backcover. (Listen to it here)

Seen from today, a lot of music that was written in the '90s doesn't sound very sensational, but the '90s were a decade that helped to breach musical borders. They opened the possibilty for the develepoment of new genres and gave birth to a more varied sound of alternative music. Gotheburg's Riddarna sound like this time had never ended. Drawing from a range of influences that span across the whole decade of 90s underground music they bring a refreshing and distinct element to their indie-rock sound. Riddarna's music is first of all rooted in the sound of Sub Pop grunge and indie-rock in the vein of Fugazi and Sonic Youth. The muscular guitar-work and the varied vocals all sung in Swedish language are the main events of this incredebly good album. The strong ryhythm section based on droning bass lines and pounding drum beats adds some hints of Chicago style noise-rock. It's impossible not to like Riddarna, if you have any enthusiams for 90s underground music left in you. (Listen to it here)

Sleaford Mods are one of today's most interesting interpretations of punk. Since 2007 this UK based duo has released a bunch of overseen CD only releases, but lately it seems like a bigger public got aware of their class and orginality. Last year they've put out a series of three highly recommended vinyl singles along with this new album. Their music is rooted in the history of classic British postpunk, but instead of copying the sound of the 80s D.I.Y. underground scene Sleaford Mods add rather atypical influences like hip-hop to give their tunes their own unmistakable flavour. They take the driving bass lines from their Messthetics favourtites and fuse it with angry spoken vocals, poundig groove and electronic minimalism. Sleaford Mods are often described as "Punk-Hop" and that petty much brings it to the point. "Austerity Dogs" is a singular example of true self-expression and angry opposition-music. (Listen to it here)

SYBIANN - SPORE LP (Shit Music For Shit People)
The Italian Shit Music For Shit People label is actually well known for it's focus on garage and punk, but with this LP by SybiAnn from Flori, Italy they enter a completly new musical terrain. SybiAnn nibble on influenes of  techno, electro, and psych in ways that led to an absolutely distinct sound. You can hear a little of Kraftwerk's electro pop just about everywhere, but at the same time the album fuses influences of several different eras of electronic music ranging from the psychedelic sounds of 70s krautrock, cold 80s minimal wave, early techno and adrenalized cosmic disco. The songs balance between electronic hypno-drone, cold synthesizer sounds and more dancable elements driven by montonic drum-computer beats or groovy tribal rhythms. Most of them are pure instrumental pieces. "Spore" sounds both modern and classic and it's nothing but a modern masterpiece of electronic music. (Listen to it here)