Tuesday, February 18, 2014


France is the home of today's largest and best European 60s inspired music scene and there is no doubt that The Liminananas from the South of the country are one of it's flagships. In the past four years this duo has put out several highly recommended 7"s and LPs on labels like Hozac or Trouble In Mind. "Costa Blanca" features some of their best material so far. The record recalls the vibe of 60s psych and garage in an asbolutely outstanding way. The Liminanas' sound spectrum draws influences from a rich variety of different influences ranging from classic French progressive avant-music to Velvet Undergrounds drone-psych and fuzzy '60s garage-pop. Combining chansons like mixed gender vocals with murderous grooving drums, hypnotizing percussions, an undercurrent of droning organ sounds, banjo parts and long-drawn fuzzy guitar licks the band has built one of today's most unique approaches to 60s retro music. From start to finish, the record’s thirteen gloomy tunes create an extremely addictive and dense sound. Great! (Listen to it here

PAMPERS - S/T LP (In The Red) 
After two highly recommended 7"s on their own Jack Shack label here's finally the first full lenght by Brooklyn based garage punks Pampers. The twelve songs meld thrashy, raw 90's garage with pop sensibility and melodic hooks simular to Marked Men and The Hex Dispensers. But to Pamper's credit, this record has a lot more going for it besides just mixing those two influences. Basically, this whole LP is a monster based on a wall of distorted guitar hate, combining the nasty ugliness of Pissed Jeans with a heavy 60s fuzz sound. The one-beat drums are first of all heavy pounding, but thanks to their constant repetition they partly develop an almost hypnotic effect. The main focus, however, is on a hard, fast delivery of brutal punk tunes fronted by rapid echo-vocals. Pampers sound like a fresh breath of garage-punk, that's heavier, groovier and sweeter than a lot of this genre's mediocre music. (Listen to it here)
Following two albums on Voodoo Rhythm The Pussywarmers from Lugano in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland are back with their third full length. This time they've joined the forces with their Hungarian friend Reka Csiszer, who is responsible for many of the vocal parts. Musically the record falls in line with the folk inspired Wild Honey labelroster including bands like Mojomatics, Movie Star Junkies and Goodnight Loving, but at the same time The Pussywarmers don't forget their own unique flavour. On "I saw them leaving" they take the 1920s Jazz and weird Eastern European gypsy influences of their previous releases and push it forward with a stronger focus on retro rock'n'roll and pop harmonies inspired by music from the 50s and 60s. The songs capture a sweet, yet darkened psychedelic vibe based on warm organ sounds, whailing feedbacks, crunchy distortion, shimmering guitar leads and Reka's potent, dreamy vocal style. Overall, the record succeeds in creating a surreal and weird hybrid of various genres and musical eras. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)

LES RIVALS - S/T LP (Casbah / Mauvaise Foi)
On their selftitled debut full lenght, Les Rivals from Paris deliver an absolutely fresh take on 60s inspired music. The songs weave deftly through the beat pop-sensibilty of The Kinks, the rawness of your favourite "Back From The Grave" garage heroes, the celestial psych sound of Velvet Underground's first LP and the raw directness of classic rock'n'roll. Les Rivals bring an extremly varied and heartfelt record driven by sweet organ harmonies and tons of melodies, that won't leave your head right after the first listen. The top notch soulful vocal delivery with it's plenty of variations and British accent is another main event here. The occasional use of several different instruments like twelve-string guitar, sitar or oboe seems like a reflection of the innovative and open-minded approach of Les Rivals' music. If you have an ear for classic, but forward-thinking rock'n'roll bound by neither cliche nor pretension, this record is for you. (Listen to it here)

Along with Suspicious Beasts' second "Never Bloom" album the great Alien Snatch! label has also reissued their first 12". which originally came out on Black Hole in 2011. With an incredible energy, Tokyo-based, Suspecious Beatsts' sun-soaked pop is injected with the stomp of vintage garage, the directness of classic Rip Off and Crypt releases and the pop sensibility of 60s folk and psych. Some songs are reminiscent of Teengenerate, others venture into a sweeter sunshine pop and deeper psych territory, but they are all delivered with soul, catchiness and power. There's an undercurrent of rambling country and folk edges just about everywhere giving the recordings an fresh, exciting and unmistakble note. The catchy as hell vocals and the tons of addictive organ melodies are two more main reasons for the record's feel-good effect. Think of a more pop-orientated product of Black Lips, Jacuzzi Boys and Demon's Claws. (Listen to it here)