Wednesday, February 12, 2014


BELGRADO - S/T LP (Static Age/ Discos Enfermos/ Oficyana Paranoja)
Belgrado from Barcelona, Spain are the most important European answer to the current revival of early 80s UK wave-punk. Following two 7"s on La Vida Es Un Mus their first full album features probably their best material so far. It finds the band exploring familiar territory in the realm of dark postpunk. The recordings shows obvious similarities to the sound of classic bands like Crisis, The Mob, Warsaw and Killing Joke. With echoing riffs, catchy choruses and a driving rhythm section the ten songs create a cold melancholic feel, but at the same time Belgrado don't forget to add a healthy dose of punk roots and tons of energy. The songs are dark, but due to their aggressive and straight up songwriting they don't turn into slow gloomy dance stuff. Even though Belgrado don't create something completly new, they are damn good in what they reproduce. (Listen to it here)

BOSONOGO DJETINJSTVO / BASTINADOS - SPLIT 12" (DHP-AK47, Byllepest, Neanderthal-Stench)
The cover artwork looks like this record came out on Profane Existence in the mid 90s and both Croatian bands on this split 12" also seem to share the same political D.I.Y. attitude. Musically they sound quite different. Taking inspiration from a wide variety of styles ranging from postpunk, Ebullition style emo and 80s hardcore Bosonogo Djetinjstvo from Zadar have developed their own signature style. Midtempo parts made with plenty of variations and underlayed with great meldodies all of a sudden turn into fast, blasting hardcorepunk. The gruff vocals are another main event of this highly recommended side of this split release. Hailing from Zagreb Bastinados recall the sound of late 90s punk'n'roll. Their five songs are influenced by both the ferocity of hardrock and the power and aggression of punk. This four-piece is attacking you with a barrage of heavy AC/DC influenced guitar riffage combined with a driving rhythm and harsh female vocals guaranteed to leave you wanting more. (Listen to it here)

FLESH WORLD - S/T 12" (La Vida Es Un Mus) 
Flesh World are a San Francisco based allstar group consisting of members of Needles, Brilliant Colors, Limp Wrist and others. On the surface, their vinyl debut is part of the new trend of post-punk but it's defenitely more than just another record on the dark punk side. Flesh World sound like a breath of fresh air. They set themself apart by horning their songs to near perfection with the help of a large variety of influences ranging from UK postpunk to 70s punk and a slight touch of pop-punk. The six tunes are loaded with infectious hooks, addictive guitar licks and an undercurrent of melodies, while packing enough punch to maintain a straight on punk feel. Flesh World write moody, driving punk tunes fronted by some incredibly good and distinctive vocals. This 12" is worth it simply for the opening track "Sturdy Swiss Hiker" and the remaining songs are of a nearly equal quality. (Listen to it here)

The first full lenght by United Kingdom's trio Shopping takes up where they left of with their brilliant 7" vinyl debut. They take influences from the glorious days of both UK and New York postpunk, but in the end it's their own fresh and unmistakable style. "Consumer Complaints" features thirteen highly exciting and addivtive tracks, offering up an unorthodox blend of post-punk. Rhythmical yet funky guitar melodies, driving bass lines and minimal drum beats provide the foundation for their clean and groovy sound filled with tons of weaving harmonies and delivered with a clear and crisp production. Trash Kit's Rachel Aggs' unique vocal style is another main secrets of this post-punk masterpiece. This LP fits in perfectly with those who love the Messthetics compilation series. Imagine a 21st century product of The Au Pairs, Bush Tetras, Kleenex and The Slits. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)