Sunday, February 2, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 5 OF 6

Valley King is a 7" only label from San Francisco, that puts out releases limited to a one time only pressing of 500 copies. All 7"s come with a silkscreened deluxe packaging and they all offer great music without exception. Valley King's latest releases features two new tracks by San Francisco's space rockers Carlton Melton. Many current bands try to revibe the sound of classic psych-rock, but this single is yet another proof that Carlton Melton play their own authentic music far from trends and hypes. In contrast to Wooden Shjips, Black Mountain or Black Angels they've maintained a raw, unpolished approach. Equipped with a rough recording they crank out instrumental trips combining Pink Floyd's spacy progressive rock with ugly hypnotic drone sounds and a healthy dose of tough 70s hardrock. Both tracks show a right instinct for improvisations and they are driven by an oustanding guitar-work, that creates one big wash of sound. Lay back and hypnotize slowly. (Listen to it here)

Picking up where their brilliant first 7" left off, Crimson Scarlet from Oakland, California return with a new deathrock influenced postpunk single full of echoing guitar riffs, distant female vocals and moody hooks. In difference to their debut single both tunes are slowerpaced and they stand out with a more diverse songwriting. They craft aggressive, angular music that recalls the golden era of deathrock during the mid 80s. Crimson Scarlet take influences from classic British anarcho-punk, Siouxsie And The Banshes, early Christian Death and later T.S.O.L., but at the same time they don't forget to add their own special note. The umistakable sound of the vocals is one main reason why Crimson Scarlet stay true to their musical integrity. Great! (Listen to it here)

Berlin's Diät sound rather atypical for a German band: Instead of copying a kind of music that has been hip in the USA about three years ago, they've kept pace with current trends and hypes. That beeing said their second single delivers a mixture of wave and UK peace punk influences. They share similarities in style with bands like Crisis, Warsaw and early Killing Joke. Compared with their genre colleagues Diät have maintained a straight on punk feel and they are less focused on dark and moody goth elements. Bouncing bass lines, driving drum-beats, echoing guitar riffs and ice-cold, monotonic vocals summing into a high-energy mixture. With a playtime of three and five minutes both songs are rather long, but there's not a single second, that feels wasted. Diät's frontcover artwork has developed from lesbian erotica to a German shepherd and the great thing is: this 7" sounds as brilliant as it looks like. (Listen to it here)

LOST GIRLS - ISEGRIM CD EP (Lala Schallplatten)
Lost Girls are from Marburg, Germany and it seems like the external environment of the friendly student city they live in had an influence on their music. Their debut CD EP offers five tracks of well done indie-punk with intellectul nonsense lyrics and some melancholic undertones. The recordings show obvious simularities to North German bands like Turbostaat (in the vein of their first "Flamingo" LP, which is not as awful as everything they've recorded afterwards), Muff Potter and Oma Hans. They find a good balance between straight blasting punkrock, dissonant indie and slower-paced 90s emo influences. At the same time Lost Girls sound punchy and varied enough to maintain a no frills punk feel and to be more than just a imitation of the previously mentioned bands. Nice! (Listen to it here

RED DONS - NOTES ON THE UNDERGROUND 7" (Taken By Surprise / Grave Mistake)
In 2005 Red Dons' Wipers influenced dark punkrock has been something fresh and new. Nowadays every second punk band seems to play a simular style of music. But over the years Red Dons have constantly underlined their special position within the genre and their latest vinyl single is no exception. They dish up three guitar-driven tunes built on a driving rhythm section, an undercurrent of catchy melodies and highly addictive vocals harmonies. In difference to other bands with a simular sound Red Dons seem to take influences from a larger variety of different styles and as a result their music sounds a lot more interesting. All three songs have class and orginality, but none of them is a mega-hit. That is the reason why "Notes On The Underground" is probably not Red Don's best release so far, but don't get me wrong: it's still a lot better than 95% of their clones. (Listen to it here)