Wednesday, March 12, 2014


ANASAZI - NUKE YORK 2013 DEMO Tape (Self-Released) 
Most bands stop releasing cassettes after they've put out their first vinyl release. In contrast to this normal pattern Brooklyn's Anasazi have released a self-released demo tape, that follows two 7"s on Sacred Bones and Toxic State. If Anasazi had showed up 25 years earlier, they would have made a cozy addition to the "Killed By Deathrock" compilation on Sacred Bones. "Dark punkrock" is a big thing these days, but Anasazi sound like a fresh breath. Their music's urgent rawness contrasts with their gloomy wave and death-rock style in a refreshing way. The songs are carried by echoing guitars, plain beats and some really potent and varied vocals. Only the final tune "Sex with E.T." with it's dancable minimal synth sound leads into a different musical direction. This tracks has recently also been released on a separate flexi 7". (Listen to it here)

This cassettes brings together two of New York's best current post-punk groups. Each band contributes five brandnew songs. Anasazi recall the glorious days of American death-rock. Christian Death and Vex come to mind while listening to their side of the split. At the same time you can find a lot more depth and rawness. This band has clearly developed their own brandmark style. Survival sound like the watch has been stopped for about 25 years. They play a weird hybrid of painful electronic drum beats, haunting synthesizer sounds, cheap punk riffs and female vocal harmonies. In contrast to Anasazi they add a healthy of cold-wave to their dark punk roots. Both bands should be mentioned in the sam breath as Belgrado, Crimson Scarlet, Pleasure Leftists and Arctic Flowers. Top notch stuff! (Listen to it here

THE SMEAR - DEMO Tape (Wasted Music)
The Smear are yet another new band arising from the British D.I.Y. scene. Their demo tape  showcases a distinct style of postpunk, mixing influences of their UK punk forefathers The Cure, Wire, Joy Divsion and The Sound with the modern sound of The Estranged. Voight-Kampff and The New Flesh. It's amazing how the recordings balance texture, atmosphere and the raw and urgent energy of punk. The four tunes are loaded with infectious hooks, propulsive bass lines, addictive guitar licks and an undercurrent of addictive melodies. The incredibly good and distinctive vocals are another highlight of this fantastic demo release. The recording quality is very good and The Smear's moody, driving post-punk will leave you begging for more. (Listen to it here