Thursday, March 20, 2014


CAN CAN HEADS - BUTTER LIFE LP (Karkia Mistika/ Verdura/ Bottom Of The Pops) 
Can Can Heads is a long running experimental punk group from Kauhajoki, Finland that has been around for more than twenty years. Their latest full lenght features eighteen short and convulsive tunes. This five-piece traverses a wide sonic range - from the weird punk groove of The Minutemen to the loseness of free-jazz and the discordant noise of no wave - often within the same song. Most songs are pure instrumental pieces, some are underlayed with incomprehensible spoken vocals. Can Can Heads write elaborately constructed arrangements that are driven by pounding bass lines and manic saxophone freak outs. "Butter Life" is filled with diverse, almost hypnotic soundscapes made with a raw and destructive style. The record's open minded approach is reminiscent of 80s SST releases. Can Can Heads understand punk as an attitude and not as a copy of current trends and hypes. (Listen to it here

Prepare yourselves for a excellent live album by California's legendary desert rock group Fatso Jetson. Hailing from the Palm Desert area the group was formed in 1994 and released their first two albums on Greg Ginn's SST label. Back in the 90s they toured with Kyuss and put out a split 7" with Fu Manchu, but they never became that popular. This LP features 8 tracks recorded live last year at the Maximum Festival. The recording quality is very good and the songs capture an incredible intensity. Filled with driving bass lines, groovy rhythms, brilliant solos and fat ass riffs Fatso Jetson make clear, that they are one of the fathers of stoner rock. Only a few bands can write extented experimental songs with such restraint, letting musical tension build until it can do nothing other than explode. The music is rooted in a trademark mix of 70s rock, surf, punk and blues. but of course Fatso Jetson use these influences just to creat their own unmistakable style. Limited to 300 copies! (Listen to it here)

Normally I only review vinyl and tapes, but I made an exception for this. Mock Duck are two guys named Clay, who live in Tokyo and L.A.. They write new songs and play shows, whenever they are in the same city. Two recordings have been done so far. Hopefully both will be released on a double LP later this year, but until now they are only available as files at the Mock Duck bandcamp site. The 1990s indie rock of Dino Jr. and SST that Mock Ducks first "Alters of Radness" EP recalled have been pushed into the background. Their latest recordings offers six guitar-driven tunes based on burnt fuzz effects, rapturous electric guitar leads and a pounding heartfelt groove. Distinctive vocal harmonies are belted out over squall of loud thrashing riffs and pounding drums. Mock Duck's sound is highly original and varied with influences ranging from punk to garage, indie and stoner rock. Think of a sloppy, furious and modern version of later Wipers albums. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

Following their "Back To Zero" full lenght from 2009 Melbourne's electronic heavyweights are back with a brandnew album. "Spiral Vortex" is a mind searing concoction of spooky theremin melodies littered with futuristic synth attacks and thumping rhythmical drums. Psychedelic electronics reminiscent of progressive rock groups of the 1970s slither to the cold sounds of 80s synth music and early techno. The Night Terrors create a broad cosmos in which the worlds of pumping beats and walls of abstract electronics collide into deep, crystal explosions. With a potent blend of horrific overtones and airy melodies the album takes you on a trip into a sound galaxy that presents classic influences in a fresh and modern way. This double LP features some of today's finest electronic music! (Listen to it here)

Multi-instrumentalist and former Sapat member Dominic Cipolla is the mastermind behind The Phantom Family Halo from Louisville, Kentucky. Their fifth full lenght is a turgid take on psychedelic rock, drawing it's chief inspiration from the Velvet Underground and Neil Young but supplementing heavily with influences from hypnotic krautrock to 80s goth rock simular to the Gun Club. The songs drift out into waters that no one else is swimming in weaving calm passages and a unique pop sensibility into dense guitar-driven psychedelic trips. Veiled beneath layers of whirring synth sounds the recordings combine repetitive, metronomic beats, heavy washed out guitars and highly distinctive vocals. "Raven Town Witch" is filled with a potent blend of timeless songs that stay with the listener long after the album has ended. (Listen to it here)
After a trip to India three guys from Venezia, Italy started a band and named it Sultan Bathery after the worst place they've been during their journey. Their selftiteled debut full length is an explosion of 60s inspired music. From deep psychedelic groove to addictive freak beat, jarring garage, blues foundations and raw rock'n'roll Sulthan Bathery have put a unique spin on their classic influences. With the help of a very varied guitar-driven instrumental performance they succeed to sound like a welcome break from the usual landscapes of garage-punk. Jarring guitar solos, catchy harmonies a la Nuggets-era psychedelia and catchy as hell choruses guarantee a pure listening pleasure over the full playtime of this LP. Each track sounds different, but as a whole they all show Sultan Bathery's unmistakbale signature style. This is definitely one of the best 60s inspired albums I've heard since a long time. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)