Wednesday, March 26, 2014


DAS MODELL - S/T LP (Dingleberry, Impure Muzik, La Cri Du Corbeau)
Besides Jack And The Bearded Fishermen here's yet another incredible band hailing from Besançon in the west of France. Named after the famous Kraftwerk song Das Modell's debut full lenghts offers a innovatiove blend of 90s noise-rock, indie and post-punk. The nine equally contemplative and carefree sounding tracks are based on wild, groovy beats, pounding basslines and a subtle dsicordant yet melodic guitar work. This highly addictive mixture is brought to life by a uplifting production and potent mixed gender vocals providing a kind of music that fits comfortably in your record collections alongside with bands like Shellac, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Rites Of Spring, Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard - or in other words: Das Modell fuckin' rule! (Listen to it here)
THE FLOOR ABOVE - BISHOP LP (Savage Quality)  
Savage Quality is a new high quality label run by Pink Reason mastermind Kevin De Broux. His latest release is a LP by one-man-band The Floor Above from Nashville, Tennessee. The recordings capture the unpolished roughness of early 80s hardcore. You get twenty short and frantic hardcore ragers that combine clean but noisy guitars, relentlessly fast hammering drums and low deadpan vocals. The extreme lo-fi production makes the record sound like it's a vinyl reissue of a lost cassette recorded during the golden age of hardcore. "Bishop" is a primitive hardcore assault of short one and a half minute blasts built with a sloppy no frills attitude. Think members of The Fix and The Necros rehearsing with the equipment of Cheetah Chrome Motheruckers. The best hardcore record in 2013!  (Listen to it here)

On the surface the sound of Austin, Texas based four-piece Gospel Truth offers some similarites to their local garage and punk scene including bands like OBN IIIs, The Golden Boys, Bad Sports and Sweet Talk, but Gospel Truth are a band of many more directions. The songs are throbbing with a super tight heavy grooving rhythm section, potent soulful vocals and a subtle, super-varied guitar-work. The songs steadily explode into discordant post-punk with frenetic drums and furios guitars. Keyboard, harmonica, saxophone and cello intermezzos represent the group's hunger for pushing limits and to explore many different ideas. The core of "A Lonely Man Dies Foolish Things" is it's 14-minute final track. "Beasts" travels with it's repetitive beats and howling guitars into a deep psychedelic labyrinth. This LP sounds a bit like a modern product of The Gun Club, Nation Of Ulysses and The Flesh Eaters. Fantastic!  (Listen to it here)

This LP expands the threshold of what a musical act can be. NAH is the drums only solo-project by Pennsylvania's Mikel Kuhn. He mixes his beats with electronic sounds and samples. His drum patterns are constandtly mutating from complex tribal beats, fast blasts, monotonic simplicity and addictive groove. In this manner Mikel Kuhn constructs massive specimens of metronomic terror. The modification of orginal drum sounds into assault of industrial darkness produces a painfully claustrophic effect. "Difficult" offers an adventurous mixture of noise and refinement. From moody to agressive and from groovy to hammering NAH's music is constantly evolving. Every new track is radically blending into a new unexpected dimension and this whole piece of weird music moves far away from the predetermined ways. Great! (Listen to it here)

OJM - HEAVY LP (Go Down)
Go Down records delivers a vinyl reissue of OJM's CD-only debut album from 2002. This four-piece from Treviso, Italy has managed to harness the powers of their 90s stoner heroes and distil it into a heavy rockin' brew. You get ten tracks of galloping rock and thunderous roll including a fantastic Stooges cover of "TV Eye". Useing the timeless riffary, the high-energy, monster groove and the incredible hooks of bands like Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Monster Magnet this record takes you on a trip through everything that's so great about stoner-rock. Of course orginality isn't OJM's strongest side, but they are an almost perfect copy: all they do is bringing proven formulas to perfection and recalling the best parts of the original sound of the '90s stoner-rock scene. (Listen to it here)

This split LP features two UK based bands. Each group contributes only one track, but both are extended with a collective paytime of about 40 minutes. Undersmile is a mesmerizing doom and sludge force. They create haunting atmospheres with the help of droning riffs, hopeless melodies, instruments on heavy repeat and slow echoing drums sounding like they were recorded in a cold cave. The clean, haunting vocal harmonies show some similarities to the sound of 80s goth-rock. On the other side of this split Nottingham based duo Bismuth crank out avalanches of merciless sludge. With drums and bass only they use a amalgamation of downtuned, droning bass riffs, heavy distortion, feedbacks, ugly screamed vocals and pounding beats on screw speed. Played at high volume "collapse" puts a pleasant vibration in your stomach. This tune is nothing but a painful, ugly and super noisy mayhem done in slowmotion and without unnecessary frills. Fans of Corrupted won't be dissapointed here. (Listen to it here)