Monday, March 31, 2014


Body Betrayal are a new Seattle based hardcore group. On their vinyl debut this quartet deliveres a modern and refreshing take on classic early 90s Slap-A-Ham style powerviolence. You'll get six tracks that fuse blistering blast-beats and some hints of moody post-punk with a slow and heavy killer-groove. The record is fueled by crushing guitars, blistering drums, rugged bass lines and brash, super potent vocals. "Soft Cake" is a product of intelligent lyrics, and fucking full-on merciless fast hardcore. The songs are delivered with an intense musical peformance and a powerful, modern production. The 12" comes with a etching on the b-side. To be honest I would have prefered songs on both sides, but at least the etching looks impressively nice. (Listen to it here)

CONSULAR - ALLAPATTAH BLUES LP (Dingleberry/ All We Know/ No Work/ Dying God)
During the last couple of years Florida has been best known for beeing the home of some highly recommended hardcore bands including Consular among many others. It's a very pleasant and welcome surprise that this Miama based five-piece doesn't need blast beats and indecipherable riffs to write songs of sheer brutality. Combining sludge, rock and crust with the directness of hardcore Consular expand these influences into their own pummeling, guitar-driven, mid-tempo style. "Allapattha Blues" is filled to the brim with snarling vocals, Eyehategod-esque heavy riffs, bad-ass rock solos and a really devastating bulldozer groove. Most songs lack of speed but instead of beeing some kind of metallic sludge nonsense, they all capture the pure unadulterated power of hardcore in it's raw essence. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)

This collection of outtakes, live recordings, cover versions, unreleased songs and singles already circulated on Dead Ghosts' bandcamp site. Now thanks to Bachelor, Austria's finest garage label, this anthology of "Rarities" has been pressed on a piece of vinyl. You get eleven original cuts plus two cover versions by The Penetrator's "Teenage Lifestyle" and The Gories' "Thunderbird ESQ" (what a great choice). From sizzling psych and stomping garage-punk, to raw rock'n'roll and folk-rock, it's all in here and it's all incredibly good. Vancouver based four-piece Dead Ghosts balances between raw guitar noise, sweet melodies and catchy-as-hell choruses. The rough old-fashioned production leaves the impression that time has stood still about 45 years ago. Don't miss this incredibly good garage LP. (Listen to it here)

Brisbane's Gravel Samwidge have developed a style that's very close to the recent Aussie noise-punk of bands like Cuntz, Gentlemen and Whores. After several CD and File releases "Medicinal Requirements" is the groups vinyl debut. It's filled with drums that barely hold together and squeaky guitars that live in the moment without regard to song and melody. Most songs are based on one killer riff and a discordant post-punk groove that gets punctuated by painfullly repetitive song structures. Fucked up lyrics are delivered by deadpan, don't-give-a-shit vocals. You get six killer tunes accompanied with background noise and feedbacks. Gravel Samwidge highly nihilistic approach takes the classic sound of bands like Drunks With Guns, Venom P. Stinger, Brainbombs and Flipper to create some of today's best noise-punk. (Listen to it here)

ØJNE - UNDICI/ DODICI LP (Monday Morning/ Pike/ Don' Live Like Me/ Unlock Yourself/ Dog Knights/ La Agonia De Vivir/ Stereo Dasein/ Fading Halo/ Driftwood/ PikPik/ Upwind)
This vinyl debut by Øjne has been released in a DIY collaboration of thirteen labels from allover the world. Hailing from Milano, Italy this band recalls the best parts of 90s emo music. Subtle, melodic shifts ebb and flow across a good dose of aggresivity and beautiful melodies. Øjne deliver five songs of long driven passionate hardcore with reminiscent screamed vocals and a positive feeling. From in-your-face outbursts that leave you with disturbed mind to heartwariming harmonies and discordant post-punk groove "Undici/ Dodici" is an album that approaches music intensely. Don't be afraid, Øjne have nothing in common with all the awful music that is called "emo" today. This band plays emotive hardcore in the way it was meant to be. The music is built on equal parts of bands such as Mineral, Indian Summer, Yage, Rites Of Spring and Yaphet Kotto. But of course Øjne don't forget to add their own unmistakable flavor. Great! (Listen to it here)

PANDA KID - SUMMETRY LP (Already Dead Tapes)
Italians seem to have a special affinity to the music of the 60s. At least there are tons of current garage, folk and psych groups coming from this country. Panda Kid is a musician from Vicenza who writes some of the best 60s pop anthems a mind can arrange. Taking influences from the classic sound of garage, folk, beat music and early punk he creates a vintage sound that maintains a modern and unconform appeal. Don't go thinking this is just another direct in-your-face style garage record. "Summetry" stands out for it's experimental weirdness simular to Thee Oh Sees and it's openness for "exotic" influences like Indian psych and others. From the titletrack's touch of 80s wave to the Sonic Youth-esque guitars in "To Tramp" this record is always full of surprises. The only factor that remains constant is Panda Kid's explosive pop vibe. Very nice! (Listen to it here)

During the last couple of years everyone has been talking about San Francisco's 60s revival scene including Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, The Fresh & Onlys, Thee Oh Sees, White Fence and so many more. This compilation demonstrates that San Francisco is also the home of a huge and impressing 70s rock scene. You get 15 tunes by 15 bands covering a wide range of different rock subgenres. The LP kicks off with Hot Lunch's "Killer Smile", a bombastic killer tune taken from their excellent debut album. White Baron deliver a faster paced proto-metal anthem made with a super catchy chorus. Buffalo Tooth show strong similarities to Blue Cheer's classic proto-punk. "1725" is another well known track taken from Wild Eyes S.F.'s full lenght on Who Can You Trust? Records. Hazzard's Cure play thunderous thrashing heavy rock. Next up, we have High Tower who serve a unique mixture of progressive rock, metal and hardcore. Ironwitch combine tough as nails guitar-solos with the thundering groove of 70s heavy rock. Chrome Eagle would have made a cozy addition to a "Bonehead Crunchers" compilation if they had showed up 40 years earlier. The b-side kicks of with Lecherouze Gaze who fuse the intensity of Black Flag with the ferocity of Led Zeppelin. Ovvl crank out a guitar driven number heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. War Child offer a nasty and dirty rock instrumental. If you dig fast punk'n'roll with a strong Motörhead influence, you will also be digging Tiger Honey Pot. Winter Teeth mix 70s rock influences with dark keyboard harmonies and soulful vocals. Hornss play hardrock in the way it was ment to be. Last but not least Solar Stoner sound like The Stooges were playing psych-rock. Don't miss this brilliant compliation and be fast: it's limited to 500 copies. (Listen to it here)