Monday, March 10, 2014


This is the fourth part of the Christchurch subscription series on Unwucht. The LP features live recordings of several different Builders incarnations such as Kaza Portico & The Urbs. The songs were recorded between 1980 and 1982 in Christchurch and Auckland. On the back cover appears the name Democrazy Records, but it's actually an official Unwucht release, that should look arranged like a Democrazy bootleg from the early 1980s. Formed in 1980 Buliders were an important piece in the awesome DIY Christchurch scene of the early ’80s. The band is headed by Bill Direen, who the only constant of Builders's various different line-ups, that are still active to this day. Builders combine a gloomy Velvet Underground vibe and a independent post-punk spirit with their own unique style. Even if all songs are recorded live, they all provide a high recording quality. Unfortunately the record is almost impossible to find, because it's limited to 100 copies exclusive to subscribers only. (Listen to it here)

Robert Scott's debut album "The Creeping Unknown" orginally came out as a CD on Flying Nun in 2000. Unwucht has now reissued the album in a edition of 200 copies. The reissue is a vinyl double set consisting of a full length LP and a 12". The records come hosted in a new cover artwork and as a bonus you get one previously unreleased track. Robert Scott is well known through his bands, The Bats, The Clean, The Magick Heads and Electric Blood. His first full solo album combines guitar-based pop music with a vide range of sounds, styles and mood. Robert Scott's vocals drift in and out of some tracks, but most are pure instrumental pieces made with accoustic and electric guitars and different other instruments like piano, synthesizers, drums, percussions or organ. Both records slightly differ from each other. The LP shows Robert Scott approaching a warm, peaceful and harmonic sound sprectrum, while the 12" leads into a more confusing and experimental psych-drone direction. "The Creeping Unkown" is a refreshing, addivtive and unique piece of music! (Listen to it here)

After "Krypton Ten" Unwucht delivers another retrospective double LP compilation filled with bands and artists from the New Zealand underground scene. The first part of "Off Your Shoulders" came out on Christchurch based label Onset/Offset in 1987. The songs for this second part were recorded back then, but for financial reasons the label didn't release them. It took more than 20 years until this masterpiece finally saw the light of day. "Off Our Shoulders" is an all female compilation including 18 tracks by the following bands and artists: 18 tracks by: Vim, Rachel Grant, Vanessa Blondell, Kinsis, The Psychic Daisies, Susannah Jackson and Nichola Donovan. The the first 100 copies come with a free 7", that features one mor song by Rachel Grant and The Psychic Daises. The tracks were recorded between 1989 and 1992. The musical spectrum ranges from the NZ-trademark tinges of ’60s garage, psych and folk to 80s jangle-pop, post-punk and wave. No filler all killer and a true masterpiece! (Listen to it here)