Thursday, May 22, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 3 OF 4

Die Schacht from Berlin are an offshoot of the jazz punk collective Hiroshima Bird Market and they are the first German band with a release on Siltbreeze. With a rough lo-fi production their three track vinyl debut recalls the golden days of German punk during the late 70s and early 80s. "Finsternis" and "Zwang Und Nachweis" are no frills punk blasts driven by loud blazing guitars, sharp riffs, rhythmical killer grooves and undercooled vocals. Classic bands like S.Y.P.H. and Der KFC come to mind while listening to both songs. The final tune "Benzin" with it's minimal beats and cheap Casio melodies leads into a experimental post-punk direction that's very close to Die Tödliche Doris. Limited to 300 copies. (Listen to it here)

The Seaport & The Airport is the alter-ego of Sydney based musician Oscar Wuts who has been playing in bands like Degrees K, Teenager and Hand Me My Jetpack. The two songs on his first solo 7" fuse dreamy, synthesized sleepwalks with moody modified vocal harmonies and complex driving rhythms. "An Old Bride" and "The Shell Of Your Mother" are textural electronic melancholias that use influences ranging from wave, house, early techno and minimal pop music, to create something playful, fresh and enthraling. Fans of recent Not Not Fun releases and bands like Boards Of Canada and Burial won't be dissapointed here. Very nice. (Listen to it here)

SHOES THIS HIGH - S/T 7" (Siltbreeze)
Siltbreeze finally delivers this official reissue of Shoes This High's classic 7". This short-lived band transfixed the early '80s Kiwi underground scene with their unique sound and energetic style of post-punk, releasing just this self-released 7" in 1981 before calling it quits. In contrast to the more 60s inspired early Christchurch scene Shoes This High were heavily influenced by UK bands like Wire, The Fall and Gang Of Four. This single features four heavy driving post-punk tunes based on a varied guitar work, some really outstanding vocals and pounding drum-bass rhythms section that create a discordant killer groove. This 7" is nothing but a true post-punk classic. (Listen to it here)

Following their debut album on Dead Beat Records Thee Mighty Fevers from Kobe, Japan are back to continue their unadulterated 90s style garage mayhem. They combine equal parts of Teengenerate, The Mummies, The Rip Offs and The Devil Dogs and bury them under a mush of heavy distortions, fuzz effects and a very extreme lo-fi production. The Morbeats from Italy mixes perfectly the simplicity of early punk with catchy melodies and vocal harmonies resulting in well done tunes that recall the sound of 90s Rip Off releases. You get one original and one cover versions by each band. Thee Mighty Versions play the Elivis classic "That's Alright Mama" and The Morbeats bring you their version of "Sex Cow" orginally performed by Teengenerate. It is not without reason that this single comes with a free couple of earplugs. A must have for fans of 90s garage and punk. (Listen to it here)

TRAVEL CHECK - 66$ 7" (Howlin Banana)
Paris based four-piece  are yet another great example of the incredibly corrosive French 60s scene that has produced countless of amazing bands during the last couple of years. Their latest 7" picks up right where the last two left off, showing a penchant for pop songwriting skills mixed with vintage 60s garage, psych and rock'n'roll influences. You get four tracks based on bright guitar jangles, fuzz effects, heavy stomping beats and tons of sweet vocal harmonies with a lasting impact on your aural memory. Travel Check twist the limits of both garage and pop music in really smart and catchy way. Everyone who has a love for bands like Dead Ghost, Black Lips, King Khan will also enjoy this incredibly good 7". (Listen to it here)

VA - SWEET TIMES 7" (Who Can You Trust?)
If you are a fan of vintage rock music, you will definitely have "Sweet Times" while listening to this well done compilation. San Francisco's Hot Lunch have previously released a highly recommended LP and 7" on Who Can You Trust?. On this 7" they dish up an amazing cover version of "Love Is All Around Me" originally performed by Crushed Butler. Glitter Wizzard are another SF group. They use classic 60s and 70s rock influences and underlay them with spacy electric organ and synth sounds. "Siren" is a straight blasting tune with a punchy sound and a catchy as hell chorus. New York's Dirty Fences give you a furious cover version of Blondie's "Will Anything Happen" that's just as catchy and brilliant as the original. Ovvl recall the sound of 70s pschedelic rock and protometal. Things are based on Sabbath riffs, tasteful guitar leads, a heavy killer groove and brilliant Ozzy inspired vocals. Don't miss this 7" compilation. (Listen to it here)

Sonic Playground is a Greek music label that only puts out releases in the form of files and you can download them for free. The label's latest release features two tracks by England's Velvet Morning who are a project led by Samual Jones.The recordings sound like a modern take on classic influences of psychedelic music. The music is not psychedelic because of reverb or shredding through pedals but for the way the songs explore obscure sounds and  create a dreamy, infinite atmosphere. With echoing guitars, grooving rhythms, surrealist lyrics and sweet melodies Velvet Morning combine the looseness of psychedelica with a strong and well arranged pop songwriting skills. Fantastic! (Listen to it here)

VOW - CYPRESS / THE LIGHT 7" (Our Voltage)
This is the very promising debut release by Berlin based duo Vow who consist of former Rhythm King An Her Friends member Linda Wölfel and Fender Schrade. In a singer/songwriter manner they create beautiful, minimal tunes based on skillfull keyboard melodies, discreetly used guitars, electronic overtones, smart poetic lyrics and a really outstanding and unique vocal delivery. The result sounds really fresh and unmistakble. Both songs on this 7" are  wounderful examples of arty indie-pop full of suprises, twists and turns. This single will immerse you in a dark yet dreamy, but always thrilling atmosphere. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

Zentralheizung Of Death are a 60s inspired punk quartet based in Berlin,Germany.  This 7" finally follows their debut 10" from 2010 and it features one of the best garage and rock'n'roll fusions one's minds can arrange. With a wild, furious and noisy approach they set themself apart from beeing just a another 60s revival group. Of course ZHOD takes cues from classic acts like The Mummies, The Sonics and New Bomb Turks but they don't forget to add their own personal note. All three songs on this 7" are full of surprises and unexpected twists. The band's tight and super varied perfomance is the main reason why they succeed to create something vintage that somehow maintains a modern and fresh appeal. All this together is the perfect concoction to make this a great punk record. (Listen to it here)

This is the fourth 7" release by Los Angeles based protopunks Zig Zags. It's not really a new release, because the single features two a-side tracks taken from their first two long sold out 7"s on Tubesteak Tuesday and Mexican Summer. The blown out, vintage production gives the impression that time stood still during the 1970s. With a heavy guitar crunch and strong similarities to early Black Sabbath records this trio blasts through two, tastefully arranged killer tunes that combine the ferocity of protometal and the wild groove of 70s rock with the straighforward energy of early punk. If they had showed up 40 years earlier Zig Zags would have made a cozy addition to one of the "Bonehead Crunchers" compilations. A total banger!  (Listen to it here)