Tuesday, August 26, 2014


EASTLINK - S/T LP (In The Red)
Eastlink are Australian allstar band with members of countless of other bands you all know and love. Named after the urban highway of their hometown Melbourne, Eastlink's music captures the monotone feel of a long car drive. The songs on their first full album are based on repititive structures, but at the same time the band has got an excellent grip on how to apply their sounds tastefully. They show a subtlety at their core that makes them interesting to listen to. There’s plenty of guitar interplay that includes some hints of classic Aussie rock'n'roll. The rhythm section adds motorik beats and a killer groove on heavy repeat. The songs offer a perfectly matched blend of driving post-punk and loose, psychedelic structures. Compared with their previous demo tape Eastlink sound less noisy and they leave more space to take you on a deep and intense trip. (Listen to it here)

GOOD THROB - FUCK OFF LP (SuperFi, White Denim, Sabermetric)
London punk is on the rise! At least there are quite many great bands coming from Britain's capitol these days. Good Throb are one of them. After releasing two highly recommendable 7"s they now return with a full LP. Good Throb does exactly what all post-punk bands should do: they keep their music raw and ugly. There are touches of Kleenex and Messthetics compilations including a heavy propelling, discordant groove, but at the same time the eleven songs capture the snottyness and simpleness of early kbd punk. With super intense vocals, direct lyrics, buzzing guitars and frantic drumming Good Throb blast through eleven wild cuts. The result is an all-around energetic and great punk release. Don't miss it. (Listen to it here)

It's a difficult task to keep fast hardcore fresh and interesting. Instead of listening to current bands I usually prefer the original and more intense sound of classic 80s hardcore and 90s powerviolence. Failures are a positive exception. They feature members of Charles Bronson, Das Oath, Ampere, Cut The Shit and Orchid. After a five year release hiatus this Boston based band is back with a brandnew 12". You get 14 super precisely played hardcore blasts with a frantic, uncontrollable vibe. The combination of razor-sharp riffs, swirling high speed drums, manic shouts and a few heavy grooving mid-tempo parts doesn't provide something radically new, but this speedy blend of rapant hardcore is a lot more intense than anything comparable today. A total ripper! (Listen to it here)
If you are looking for singular, strange and interesting music you can count on Siltbreeze. Do you remember Los Llamarada? They were an Mexican noisy punk group that released three full albums on S-S Records. Now their guitarist Johnny Noise has startetd a solo project. His vinyl debut is an extended trip through 21(!) lo-fi tunes. Armed with the charm of a raw bedroom production Johnny Noise writes stripped down, careless tunes based on some vamped guitar riffs, cheap drum beats and upset vocals. The recordings draw influences from the classíc sound of 60s psych, but Johnny Noise adds a unique kind of brokennes and bashs things out with just the right amount of weirdness. At the first listen the playtime of the records appears to be too long. A few spins later you'll realize that this endless monotony is one of the record's main secrets. (Listen to it here)
MARIESENA - RUTH LP (Dingleberry) 
Mariesena are a emo-hardcore group from Odessa at the Black Sea. Their incredibly good first LP features eight explosions of devastating rage and regret. Combining wild and frantic eruptions with quiet passages this four-piece shows a kind of passion and style that's reminiscent of the '90s bands like 400 Years, Indian Summer, Orchid und Shikari. Also the artwork looks like a tribute to that era. With a discordant groove, plenty of chaos parts. heavy distorted guitars and intense screaming vocals Mariesena recall only the best parts of emotive hardcore. The production is pleasantly rough and perfectly matches with the record's unpolished vibe. I am normally not a big fan of anything connected with emo, but Mariesena really impress me with their super intense style. Very nice! (Listen to it here)
OBN III's are a product of the strong current Texas punk scene including groups like Bad Sports, Video, Wax Museums, Mind Spiders or Radioactivity. Over the past five years this band has refined their sound from vintage garage and rock'n'roll to a more heavy-rock influenced style. "Third Time To Harm" marks a peak of this development. In contrast to most other current retro-rock acts OBN III's don't try to sound very fancy and experimental. All space-rock, psych-rock and progressive-rock fanatics will be dissapointed here. Instead, this LP will please everyone who's looking for raw and undecorated rock music in the vein of MC5, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. Of course the touches of their punk roots all still here and apparent, but OBN III's primarily pay tribute to the classic sound of American rock'n'roll music. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here)

Old Mate began as a solo-project by Bitch Prefect’s Pat Telfer. They now became a real band that consists of 7-10 different musicians including members of Peak Twins and Wireheads. "It Is What It Is" is an album of loose rock music that’s brimming with personal lyrics about the dreariness of everyday life and failed relationships. One of the most impressive things about this album is how Old Mate balances "monotony" and "variety". The "monotony" part is made with stripped-down, repetitive structures. When it comes to "variety" the songs show several different influences ranging from indie, post-punk, blues and psych. The sporadic use of piano and saxophone leave an airy mark on the songs, but in spite of all that instruements the songs never sound busy. There’s a certain atmospheric quality to this record that is difficult to describe and that's one of it's main secrets. (Listen to it here)

Total Contral are probably the most vibrant product of Australia's huge and refreshing  underground scene. Their first, highly acclaimed "Henge Beat" album from 2011 was nothing but a true masterpiece. After that the band recorded a 7" for Sub Pop but now they are back on the Iron Lung high quality label. "Typical System" fulfills all the high expectations and continues where the left of with their previous releases. With influences ranging from post-punk, synth-pop, garage and krautrock Total Control suceed to achieve a level of variety that is rare to find. At the same time the record works as whole: no matter which new direction each songs follows Total Control don't forget to add their own shaping note. It's hard to imagine a product of Neu!, Crisis, Kraftwerk, New Order, Gary Numan and Eddie Suppression Ring but that's how this album sounds like. Brilliant! (Listen to it here)

After a couple years of existence Watery Love are finally ready to roll with their first full album. Following four 7"s and a split 7" with Kurt Vile this Philadelphia based group continues to provide their blasts of noisy punk rock. The nine tracks on "Decorative Feeling" sound like a continuation of all that has been so great about their previous releases: they draw from '90s Siltbreeze punk, add a slight dose of noise-rock to the mix and bash things out with just the right amount of destruction and uglyness. With guitar-driven song structures, blazing riffs, basic drum beats and rapid vocals they know how to give their punk tunes a truely orginal touch. The songs are quite long and repetitive but they never lose their focus. One of the highlight records in 2014! (Listen to it here)

Just this much in advance: This is the best pop album 2014 has to offer! San Francisco's Warm Soda have developed a magic formula of love songs fuelled by sugar-sweet melodies that easily take the term "catchy" to a new level. This five-piece busts out twelve killer songs that fuse elements of glam-rock, power-pop and garage. The result is an record that won't leave your head right after the first listen. With cheesy, but super infectious guitar leads, well executed vocal harmonies and plenty of hooks Warm Soda have created a record that simply makes you feel good. "Young Reckless Hearts" lives from the enormous drive all the songs own and from a vintage charm that sounds like this record came out sometime in the 1970's. It should also be mentioned that the fridge artwork on the front- and backcover looks amazing! (Listen to it here)