Thursday, September 25, 2014

NEW 7"s PART 2 OF 2

After a split single with Eastie Ro!s and a tour through Europe with Diät Berlin's hottest current punk act returns with a brand new 7" on Slovenly Records. Frantic, unsetting synth-attack and confusing German lyrics are best evidences of a strong 80s "Neue Deutsche Welle" punk influence. With their strange, raw and broken style PUFF make sure that they are more than just a copy of that era. This 7" is highly recommended for everyone who equally likes Devo's synth-punk, the weird moments of The Spits and early German punk in the vein of Mittagspause, Hans-A-Plast and Abwärts. Special mention must be made of the great cover artwork. Some of the best German punk around! (Listen to it here)

RADAR EYES - COMMUNITY 7" (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
Over the course of several 7"s, a cassette release and one full-length on HoZac Chicago based four-piece Radar Eyes has developed a unique style that mixes influences ranging from garage, psych, jangle-pop and early British post-punk. Their latest single features two well crafted songs made with a really strong songwriting. Radar Eyes find a perfect balance somewhere in between a driving uptempo, groove and an undercurrent of sweet, and dark melodies. The powerful vocal harmonies are another main highlight. In contrast to their previous releases this new 7" is a bit more on the post-punk side. Both songs are spectaculary catchy and highly addictive.. (Listen to it here)

RANCH GHOST- TURFIN 7" (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
The great French Requiem Pour Un Twister label delivers the third 7" by Ranch Ghost from Nashville, Tennessee. Both songs offer a thundering blast of jangly psych guitars and pounding rhythms. A bluesy groove and wild, screechy vocals come along with soaring melodies and frenetic power. Ranch Ghost recall the classic sound of the 1960's but with the help of an modern, fresh and wild approach they set themself apart from the average Nuggets imitations. It's amazing how they crush together dirty blazing psych-punk with a sense of pop. Highly recommended! (Listen to it here

SICK THOUGHTS - NEED NO ONE 7" (Can't Stand Ya!) 
If you still believe that punk and garage should sound ugly and destructive Sick Thoughts will be your new favorite band. This duo from Baltimore takes rawness to a level that few dare to tread. In just one year they have managed to put out two 12"s and nine 7"s and each of them is a winner record. "Need No One" is the bands vinyl debut from 2013. You get three dirty punk attacks based on heavy distorted guitar noise, manic screams and pounding beats. Sick Thoughts recall the origins of punk in the late 70s and the rough lo-fi sound of 90s garage. It's all rooted in a time when primitive technique and structures lead to some great music and Sick Thoughts are fuckin' great too! (Listen to it here)
THEE MVPS - OH SALLY 7" (Slovenly) 
Slovenly Records regularly puts out records by new and fresh bands from all over the European continent. Thee MVPs are their latest discovery. The band is located in Gravesend in the Midlands close to Billy Childish's hometown Chatham. Their vinyl debut shows some musical parallels to the classic sound of Thee Headcoates but at the same time the ghosts of modern garage simular to Ty Segall or Thee Oh Sees are obviously creeping in. The two tracks represent a group pushing their music forward with uncontrolled power, while still keeping it catchy and adding plenty of sweet vocal harmonies. Especially “Amok Time” on the b-side is an stand-out track that immediately sticks in your memory. Garage-punk of the finest quality! (Listen to it here)
T.I.T.S. - I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK 7" (Pollymagoo)
Don't let the bandname fool you! This isn't the classic Dutch punk band. T.I.T.S. is a four-piece from Paris, France featuing ex- and current members of such great band as The Fatals, Catholic Spray and Feeling Of Love. After a full LP on Teenage Menopause they continue to boast a noisy and dirty sound with plenty of room for unforced manic screams, guitar noise and other freak-outs that punch through each of the two songs. You can expect nothing less than a weird punk attack on this platter. T.I.T.S. take the best parts of 70s punk, 60s garage/psych and Brainbombs style noise-rock to write their fresh, quick and merciless punk blasts. A total banger! (Listen to it here)

TRIPTIDES - CLEMENTINE 7" (Requiem Pour Un Twister) 
Triptides from Bloomington, Indiana are able to write songs filled with a manic and sophisticated pop charm. They build their sounds around sweet melodies, with super catchy music that stays in your head after the first listen. The two songs show hints of psych-pop, surf and early 80s DIY pop. Triptides invite you into their hazy, retro-soundig world of jangly guitars over driving rhythms, all wrapped in oustanding vocal harmonies. The subdued textures they create can be considered as an expression of true pop mastery. Get this highly addictive double a-side single! (Listen to it here)
Seth Sutton, the leading head behind Useless Eaters, has been extremely productive in recent years. After a string of 7"s and four LPs on labels such as Goner, Tic Tac Totally!, P. Trash, Goodby Boozy or Southpaw (just to name a few) they now return with a new three track single. Once again Useless Eaters serve to prove that are able to capture and recall the classic sound and spirit of early US American punk. The titletrack “Desperate Living” is underlayed with frantic and weird sc-fi synth-sounds that bring to mind Devo and the sound of other synth-punk pioneers. The flipside consists of two short, direct and super catchy punk blasts. It's an invogirating mess comprised of razor-sharp guitar riffs, blown.out drumming and catchy vocal harmonies. Another winner release from Useless Eaters! (Listen to it here)

Here's yet another brilliant new band hailing from Berlin. UV Glaze doesn't sound like the typical garage influenced music you would normally expect from Bachelor Records. The five songs on their vinyl debut merge strong 70s and 80s punk roots with a heavy of dose of dissonant noise-rock and weirdness. UV Glaze are a ugly product of impulsive beats, powerful bass lines, squeaking guitars and harsh madman vocals. This blast of nasty punk rock exists somewhere in the netherworld between Black Flag, Jesus Lizard, Tar Babies and Mentally Ill. There's not a ton of feedback, this is just straight, raw music. (Listen to it here)

VA - SWEET TIMES VOLUME 2 7" (Who Can You Trust?) 
Who Can You Trust? delivers a second volume of Sweet Times and it's another "all killer, no filler" compilation featuring one exclusive track by each of the four bands. The 7" kicks off with Brooklyn based trio The Golden Grass. "All You Have Grown" is a soulful and heavy product of vintage 70s psychedelic rock influences. Sultan Bathery from Italy continue where they left off with their debut full lenght on Slovenly. This band really knows how to put a unique spin on classic garage, psych and rock'n'roll influences. On the flipside Metalleg play hook-filled, catchy punk rock that recalls the sound of late 70s New York groups. Last but not least Gorilla impress with their unique and heavy style of stoner rock'n'roll. The first 100 copies come with a great gimmick: you get glasses that allow a 3D view on the amazing cover artwork. Be fast and get this brilliant compilation. (Listen to it here)

WHITE PAGES - BAM BAM 7" (Can't Stand Ya!)
The second 7" by White Pages from Cambridge, MA features four more blasts of their wild and repulsive high-speed garage-punk. The very clean and undistorted guitar sound perfectly contrast with their uncontrollable and really chaotic style. The riffs are simple but effective as is the drumming. White Pages’ deranged vocals are another important element. There's a powerful force of hardcore energy to their late 70s punk and 90s garage inspired tunes. The great thing is, the songs are really primitive and to the point. The reslut is a wild and malicious sound that lies somewhere between The Germs and The Oblivians. Great stuff! (Listen to it here)